New changes beginning Fall 2019!

Student Services is currently located in the temporary building beside the Sports Plex. The access door is facing the Plex.

Our team has been working hard to improve access to health & wellness services by reducing wait times and increasing our resources. Our goal is to support BU students in achieving academic success by working collaboratively to overcome barriers, build resilience and promote wellness.

Our counsellors use a strength-based, solution focused approach when working with you. This model is centered on individual strengths and resourcefulness, creating hope and fostering resilience. The focus is getting you back on track rather than exploring and analyzing past experiences.

The way to access counselling services in now by WALK-IN!

FacebookWalk-ins normally begin at 9:00 AM and end around 2:00 PM. For exact hours each day, please consult our Student Support Services Facebook page. Note that we’re closed during lunch time 12:00 to 1:00 PM. Students will be seen in their order of arrival, although urgent cases may require to be seen ahead of others.

In the case of an EMERGENCY, where your own safety or the safety of others is IMMINENTLY at risk, please make the urgency of the situation known to the receptionist.

What to expect:

  1. Upon arrival at Student Services, you will check in with Francine Hamel at the reception desk. She will update your file if you already have one or open one if you don’t. You will be asked to complete a pre-session questionnaire.
  2. Students will be seen in the order they arrive (urgent cases may have to be prioritized). You can expect to wait 30-40 minutes for your appointment if counsellors are busy.
  3. Walk-in appointments are meant to be short in order to assess need and make a referral to the appropriate services. They can last from 5 to 30 minutes, depending on the request. The counsellor will end the meeting after 30 minutes.
  4. You will collaborate with your counsellor to create a wellness plan that will detail the next steps on your journey.

There are several options that will be offered to you based on the assessment of your needs. Our counsellors will be offering single session and short-term counselling (length and frequency to be determined by you and your counsellor).

We generally do not provide long-term support or therapy. Your counsellor will discuss options with you in order to create an appropriate Wellness Plan.

Emergency situation outside regular operating hours

Should you require assistance for an emergency situation outside of the regular operating hours, please call Bishop’s Security Department at 819-822-9711 or from a phone on campus ext. 2711.

You can also call Info-Santé by dialing 811 or Urgence Détresse at 819-780-2222.

Hotel Dieu Sherbrooke, 580 Rue Bowen Sud – 819-346-1110
CHUS Fleurimont, 3001 12th Avenue North – 819-346-1110