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Welcome to events at B.U.! Please take advantage of all the exciting offerings on campus coming up this month and beyond.

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Spring & Summer 2024

April 26 – July 13, 2024

A man and a young boy look together at an art exhibit of globes and clocks.

Foreman Art Gallery presents:

Celestial Mechanics

Date: April 26 – July 13, 2024

Location: Foreman Art Gallery

From April 26 to July 13, 2024, the Foreman Art Gallery presents “Celestial Mechanics”, an exhibition produced by Vox, Centre de l’image contemporaine.

With this exhibition, artist Diane Landry offers young audiences an artistic, philosophical and ecological reflection on the notion of time. Using everyday items and repurposed materials brought to life through movement, light, sound and video, she explores the distinct time scales specific to humanity, nature and the universe.

The gallery will be open weekly from 12:00 P.M. to 5:00 P.M. Entry is free to all.

Looking Ahead

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