The program uses the craft-brewing industry as its model, not only because it is one of the fastest growing industries in North America, but because this industry is representative of the international brewing community and demonstrates a deep appreciation for the rich history of beer and brewing.  

Students are encouraged to experiment with recipes and brewing regimens in order to understand how access to ingredients and tradition led to characteristic regional beer styles and how globalization of brewing ingredients has led to a renaissance, some might say resurrection, of flavourful beers. 

The program focuses on the brewing process and the science underlying it. Graduates will understand brewing at the molecular level and as a result understand why brewing quality beer requires rigorous attention to detail at every step with techniques required to meet the rules and regulations from various regulatory bodies.  

Students completing the proposed certificate will be in high demand to fill assistant brewer, head brewer, brewmaster, product analysis/quality control, and R & D positions in both the craft brewing and industrial brewing sectors. They would also be well prepared to start up their own microbrewery should that be their goal. 


The Graduate Certificate in Brewing Science is a full-time, 2-semester, 24-credit program that begins in the fall. The program includes rigorous scientific material and as a result, a B.Sc. in Biology, Biochemistry, Chemistry, or a related discipline, is required for admission. 

Program Evolution 

The certificate began as an individual course offered by Dr Dale Wood in the Fall of 2015. The following year the program officially launched the graduate certificate and become Eastern Canada’s first academic brewing lab with a permit to commercialize beer. Industry experts are members of the Contract Faculty that lead the course offerings. The growth has been continuous, from the acquisition of new instruments and equipment to collaborations and research programs with industry partners. 

Bishop’s Arches 

Bishop’s Arches is the brand name chosen by students, reflecting the unique architecture of the buildings on campus. All beers brewed in the brewing lab that meet the rigorous quality standards of the program are commercially available on campus at Doolittle’s COOP, The Gait, and during special events.

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