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How do I get funding for my research?

Professors can apply for grants to a large number of organizations outside the university. Depending on the program chosen, the grant can finance salaries, scholarships, travel, development activities or research equipment.

Successful grant applications take time to prepare. Often overlooked, the role of the research administrator is often critical in obtaining successful funding. The Office of Research and Graduate Studies is in constant contact with funding agencies and program officers and know the best tricks and angles needed to put your application in the best possible light for the review committees.


Unless otherwise specified, the deadline is no later than 12:00 pm EST (noon) on the day of the deadline, for both internal and external deadlines.

STEP 1: Know the program!

Dust off your detective lens and take the necessary time to know in detail the criteria of a grant program (priority areas, objectives, eligibility conditions, budget, internal and external deadlines). As a general rule, INTERNAL DEADLINES ARE 14 CALENDAR DAYS (TWO WEEKS) PRIOR TO THE EXTERNAL DEADLINE, AT NOON (12 PM EST). The sooner the ORGS knows about your intention to submit, the better we can assist you in preparing your application.

Inform us of your intention to submit to an external funding opportunity via this internal form

STEP 2 : Start writing!

Getting the first thoughts down on paper are best served by a clear plan. Make sure that the project fits within your research program as a whole and builds on your expertise. Find collaborators to help you if necessary! Go to as many webinars as you can about the program, and get your Canadian Common CV up to speed on your latest accomplishments.

Different programs can have very different regulations regarding:

  • eligibility of co-applicants or external co-applicants;
  • required confirmations from co-applicants or external co-applicants institutions;
  • letters confirming partner contributions;
  • indirect research costs;
  • required letters of support from the institution;
  • training programs;
  • knowledge mobilization;
  • equity, diversity and inclusion considerations;
  • eligible costs;
  • etc…

Throughout the grant writing process, constant communication with the grant officer at the ORGS is key to understand certain important details for the application in advance. We ask that researchers inform us of your intention to submit to an external funding opportunity via this internal form (please use your UBishops account) as soon as you know you intend to submit!

STEP 3 : INternal submission

Grant applications must be sent to the ORGS 14 calendar days (two weeks) at 12pm EST before the deadline of the granting agency, accompanied by all the relevant documents in support of an application. Applications submitted past these deadlines will not be accepted. The grants officer will communicate regularly with the researchers to ensure that the application is complete for the external deadline.

STEP 4 : EXternal submission

The ORGS is responsible for submitting the application to granting agencies on behalf of Bishop’s University. The ORGS holds the responsibility, in the name of the Vice-Principal Academic and Research as designated institutional approval, that the grant follows all internal and external policies, and that the budget has been validated and approved.

STEP 5 : Review process

The granting agency evaluates grant applications through a rigorous external peer review process. Response times for grant applications vary, but expect a wait time of several weeks to months (some granting agencies provide approximate decision dates on the program websites).

STEP 6 : Time for the news…

Agencies will often inform the Principal Investigator and the institution of the results, positive or negative, but it is always good to touch base with the grants officer when  you receive your results!

  • So, you have received a Notice of Award (a.k.a. « celebration time », but also “time to get to work)! Congratulations! Reach out to the Grants officer at the ORGS to make sure the following is done:
    • prepare an agreement if necessary;
    • open the project in the grant management system;
    • ensure that all certifications related to the project are issued (ethics, etc.);
    • inform the Business Office and open an account;
    • transfer the research funds;
    • etc…
  • Your proposal was not funded? Do not get discouraged. Take the time to process and delve into the constructive criticism provided by the peer review committee. If you have not received any comments, reach out to the Grants officer at the ORGS, as we are in contact with program officers and can attempt to understand the committee’s decisions.


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Inform us of your intention to submit to an external funding opportunity via this internal form