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***Content note: The information on this website describes support and prevention measures of sexual violence. This information may be emotionally upsetting and trigger previous trauma. If you would like to speak to someone immediately, see the Support Services On and Off Campus web page.***

Bishop’s University is deeply committed to providing a safe learning environment free from any type of sexual violence. We are dedicated to preventing sexual violence by using education and safety measures in our community. We use a feminist, survivor centered and intersectional lens when supporting survivors and educating our community. 

Sexual assault is any sexual contact that happens without the consent of both people. It can range from unwanted sexual touching to forced sexual intercourse. 

Don’t assume consent. Anything other than a freely stated YES is a NO. 

Sexual assault can happen to anyone at any time.  

Approximately 4.7 million women, 30% of all women 15 years of age and older, report that they have experienced sexual assault at least once since the age of 15. This is compared to 8% men (Statistics Canada, 2019). That rate is greatly increased among younger women, Indigenous women, people who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, pansexual, asexual, trans people and women with disabilities. 

If you have experienced a sexual assault, you are not to blame. The first step is to tell someone and ask for help. 

Bishop’s has resources that can support you directly or help you get the support you need.