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Kuehner is a bog style residence nestled between the sports plex and Dewhurst dining hall. While slightly farther from academic buildings, Kuehner is the closest residence to the sports buildings and is adjacent to scenic walking paths around campus.

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Abbott, a bog style residence, rests between Dewhurst dining hall and the soccer field. Abbott is often thought of as the Goldilocks of residence buildings. Equidistant from academic and sports buildings, Abbott is near the heart of campus and presents a flexible and autonomous choice of living.

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Janyne Hodder 

B.U’s newest residence, completed in 2023, is a traditional style between Dewhurst dining hall and the academic buildings. This residence is near the centre of the campus. Hodder Hall is the most modern and renovated among the residence buildings, featuring modern amenities and commons spaces.

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Norton, Bandeen and Pollack

These three, traditional style residences are located between the academic buildings and the library in the heart of the campus known as the Quad. Single rooms are available. These residences are the closest to downtown Lennoxville.

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Paterson offers apartment-style suites with four bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen and a living room in each suite. It is the second closest building to the sports buildings and the closest building to the walking paths in the forest around Bishop’s.

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Munster is bog style dorm between Dewhurst dining hall and Paterson. Munster features 24/7 quiet hours, making it an easy choice for gaiters looking for a focused yet relaxing year. Munster is placed farther away from the major hubs on campus, reducing noise and traffic.

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Residence Assistants

Students in all residence buildings have the advantage of RAs in their building in their second year. These role models work to build a safe and welcoming community and ease the transition into university.

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