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2023 recruitment team

Our team is responsible for recruiting future Bishop’s students from around the globe. Each recruiter is an expert in their region and are available to help answer your questions and direct you to campus resources. 

Our team is comprised of Bishop’s graduates with a diverse background of programs and origins who are all passionate about their BU experience. 

Contact a team member responsible for your region and they will be thrilled to help you.

For General Inquiries: recruitment@ubishops.ca

Recruitment & Admission Officers

Wilton Burgos (He, Him, His)

Regions: International (Caribbean, South America, Middle East/Africa)

Degree: BA ’21: Applied Psychology

Hometown: Oranjestad, Aruba


Hello! I’m Wilton…

I was born and raised on the beautiful Island of Aruba. I recently graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Psychology. I first heard about Bishop’s at a University fair back when I was in High School, and I absolutely fell in love with the campus, and the small community feel. Bishop’s was the perfect fit since I was looking to be a name in a classroom and not just a number while also building strong and meaningful relationships with my classmates and professors. 

As an International Student moving to a new country, starting a new school, and making new friends was not easy. Nevertheless, I am happy I chose Bishop’s since I had all the support needed to succeed. I also had the opportunity to give back to our community while working as a student ambassador and the International Students Representative. I am forever grateful for the amazing opportunities I got while being a Bishop’s Student, and I now look forward to helping other students have similar experiences.

Chantal Estevez Jimenez O’Farril

Chantal Estevez Jimenez O’Farril

Regions: International (Latin America, United States, Europe)

Degree: BBA ‘23 Management with a minor in Human Resources

Hometown: Mexico City, Mexico


Hello! I’m Chantal…

I was born and raised in Mexico City. During my early teen years, I moved to The Woodlands, Texas and lived there for four years. When I turned 17, I decided to study abroad for a year in the Eastern Townships. My first experience with Bishop’s University happened when I attended a high school just across the bridge from the campus. I fell head over heels for the place and always hoped to come back someday. However, the COVID-19 pandemic threw a curveball, making me reconsider staying in Mexico. I ended up attending another university in Mexico. After a couple of years, I couldn’t ignore how much I missed the Eastern Townships and the amazing winter sports. Being an international student and moving to another country can be scary, especially if you’re away from your family and friends, but Bishop’s made me realize that I wasn’t alone, and they welcomed me with open arms to their community. Now, I’m a proud graduate of this amazing place I happily call home.

Ever since I started attending Bishop’s, I’ve never felt out of place. I’ve made some wonderful friends and had the opportunity to try new things like hiking, camping, and skiing. Additionally, the academic program allowed me to take classes outside of my main program, such as painting or drawing, which helped me expand my social circle even further.

I’m grateful that I made the right choice of attending Bishop’s, even though it wasn’t the easiest option. Now I’m working as a Recruitment Officer and I am looking forward to helping future students start their purple journey.

Gabrielle Faucher (She, Her, Hers)

Regions: Quebec, International (Mexico, South America, Europe)

Degree: BA ’16: Modern Languages: Hispanic & German Studies

Hometown: Sherbrooke, QC, Canada


Hello! I’m Gabrielle…

I’m a proud 2016 Bishop’s graduate. I studied Modern Languages and graduated with a Double Major in Hispanic Studies and German Studies. Studying at Bishop’s really set me up for the international life that I’ve led so far. During my time here, I studied, worked, or did projects in Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico, Poland, Germany, and Tunisia. From going on academic exchange, to teaching English as a foreign language, or just doing a musical theater workshop in my 4th language, everything was found and funded somehow through Bishop’s. After I graduated, thanks to glowing recommendations from my professors who knew me closely and had accompanied me in all my projects, I also got the chance to be a language assistant in Guanajuato, Mexico, which then led to my position as a French professor at the Universidad de Guanajuato. After spending 6 years in Mexico, I’m excited to be back in my hometown and to keep on travelling and meeting new people with the recruitment team.

All these opportunities are there for the taking at Bishop’s, and any student with a project can make it happen through the help of the wonderful staff and numerous funding options. Even after your studies, the close contact students have with their professors allows them to easily get back in touch with them for reference letters to access further opportunities like scholarships or grad school applications. Your university experience truly is what you make it, and I’m here to help students realize how they can make the best of it.

Eric Gendron (He, Him, His)

Regions: Atlantic Canada, International (United States, Europe)

Degree: BA ’21: Sociology, Double Concentration: Criminology, Law, & Social Policy and Gender, Diversity, & Equity Studies, Minor: Religion

Hometown: Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, USA


Hello! I’m Eric…

I was originally born in Oakville, ON, but moved to Massachusetts when I was very young and grew up in a town named Shrewsbury – just outside of Worcester. I recently graduated from Bishop’s with a Bachelor of Arts in sociology, with a double concentration in criminology, law, & social policy as well as gender, diversity, & equity studies, and a minor in religion. They say home is where the heart is, and Bishop’s has become just that to me, home. When I first arrived on campus from the United States, I was so nervous but was quickly embraced by the warm and caring community that we have here.

Now I look back on my years at Bishop’s as some of the best of my life, so much so that I decided I didn’t want to leave – once a Gaiter, always a Gaiter! During my time here, I’ve had the ability to operate in a myriad of roles and immerse myself in the close-knit culture that we offer. I’ve assisted in organizing orientation week, worked as a teaching assistant for multiple professors, and spent time advocating on behalf of students on the Students’ Representative Council. The lifelong friends I met, the education I received, and the experiences I had while attending Bishop’s helped me grow into the person that I am today. I am eager to show you why choosing Bishop’s will leave you saying, there’s no place like home!

Shelby Major

Shelby Major (She, Her, Hers)

Regions: Ontario, Central Canada

Degree: BSc ’22: Neuroscience, Minor: Biology

Hometown: Stratford, Ontario, Canada


Hello! I’m Shelby…

I’m a recent BU graduate with a BSc in Neuroscience and a Minor in Biology. I love the sciences and Bishop’s offered the program I was searching for and passionate about. I knew about Bishop’s when I was attending Champlain College, but after graduating in Commerce, I left to go to university in another province but after a year, I knew I wanted to come back to the campus I knew and loved.

I was born and raised near Stratford, ON and moved to the coast of Gaspesie to finish high school. I’ve always lived in small towns, but after I moved to college, I fell in love with Sherbrooke and consider this my home. I’ve been here for approximately 6 years. The Eastern Townships have lots of unique things to offer, and the big city isn’t far away either. University can feel overwhelming and stressful but thanks to Bishop’s tight-knit community and beautiful, cozy campus, it makes the transition easy and helped me feel at home. Bishop’s allows students to build significant relationships with professors, make lasting friendships, and take advantage of amazing academic and non-academic opportunities. Small classrooms mean people get to know you by name, and making an impact isn’t difficult. I was able to work for some professors throughout my years at Bishop’s, and get summer jobs as well, even though my first language isn’t French. Bishop’s provided me several years of great experiences and now I get to experience even more as part of Bishop’s Recruitment team. I hope to help students find their path here too.

Shane McFarlane (He, Him, His)

Regions: Ontario, Atlantic Canada

Degree: BBA ’22: Global Management & Leadership, Entrepreneurship Profile

Hometown: Williamstown, Ontario, Canada


Hello! I’m Shane…

I am from a small town in Eastern Ontario called Williamstown. I recently graduated with a degree in Global Management and Leadership with an Entrepreneurship profile. Bishop’s presented me with many different types of learning experiences across many of the departments at BU, not only with the Williams School of Business, but also by taking music classes, managing the campus radio station, and performing in Drama Department festivals. Looking beyond what you’re majoring in is a great way to truly experience the liberal education at Bishop’s University.

I first saw the Bishop’s campus when I was twelve years old helping my brother move in for his first year, and I knew from that moment that Bishop’s was the university I wanted to go to. Fast forward six years and I found myself moving here too! The rural, small-town setting that the Eastern Townships offers made me feel right at home and made the transition from my hometown of Glengarry, Ontario to Lennoxville seamless. The tight-knit community took me in and made me feel safe and comfortable.

My four years at Bishop’s were some of the best years of my life, and I invite anyone considering Bishop’s to come here and take advantage of all the opportunities that Bishop’s presents you with. I look forward to helping you learn what Bishop’s has to offer and how to take advantage of everything!

Annabelle Morgan

Annabelle Morgan (She, Her, Hers)

Regions: Ontario, Central Canada

Degree: 23’ Bachelor of Arts, Honours Art History with a Double Major in Arts Administration

Hometown: Mono, Ontario, Canada


Hello! I’m Annabelle…

Welcome to the start of your Bishop’s journey! I remember wanting to find a university that would give me a world of endless opportunities, all while getting the chance to be a part of a tight-knit community. I have no doubts that Bishop’s is the perfect place to find this environment, just as I did when I first stepped on campus all those years ago.

I knew about Bishop’s long before I was old enough to be a student myself. Both of my parents are Bishop’s alums, and my family has been coming to the Eastern Townships for many winters to make the most of the ski season. There are some great mountains here!

Initially, I was set on not going to the same school as my parents. Despite these feelings, I loved the campus environment and kept Bishop’s in the back of my mind. In my final year of high school, I toured Bishop’s one last time and realized that at BU, I would be treated as a person, and not a number in an academic system. There was a sense of belonging and individuality here that I had not felt at any other school.

In my time at BU, I embraced many jobs on campus such as Photographer, Student Ambassador, Student Council Representative. I attended a week-long arts excursion in New York City, received an internship at The Textile Museum in Toronto, and coordinated a Theatre festival on campus. The adventures you go on at Bishop’s are endless, and when you graduate, you’ll still feel like you’ve just scratched the surface. To my joy, my Bishop’s journey continues even though I have closed my chapter as a student. My next adventure is finding you future Gaiters, and I cannot wait to introduce you to this amazing university.

Ashley Page (She, Her, Hers)

Region: Quebec and New Brunswick

Degree: BA ’19 Sociology, Concentration: Criminology, Law, & Social Policy, double majoring with Applied Psychology and a minor in Pre-Law

Hometown: South Stukely, Quebec, Canada


Hello! I’m Ashley…

I was born and raised in the Eastern Townships. I moved to Montreal for CEGEP, but when it came time for university, I missed how beautiful, small and special the Eastern Townships were. I chose to move back and actually went to a French University. After a year, my childhood dreams of going to BU took over and I decided to transfer universities. That decision ended up being the best decision that I had ever made.

Although I had always imagined myself playing basketball as a Gaiter, I ended up trying out for rugby instead and spent 3.5 years on the team. While being a Student Athlete, I also double majored in Sociology with a concentration in Criminology, Law & Social policy and Applied Psychology, as well as a minor in Pre-Law. This led me to a whole life of social work and then law enforcement before joining the Recruitment team at Bishop’s. At Bishop’s I met life-long friends and found so many amazing opportunities to volunteer, participate in research and create relationships with professors. I am looking forward to helping prospective gaiters figure out if Bishop’s is the place for them as well as helping them find their path in this inclusive environment.

Wat’kanonhwerá:ton and phir milenge !

Administrative Team

Kelly Dean-Feldman

Kelly Dean-Feldman (She, Her, Hers)

Digital Communication & CRM Officer

Degree: BBA ’20: Marketing

Hometown: Montreal, Quebec, Canada


Hello! I’m Kelly…

I recently graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing. I am originally from the South Shore of Montreal, but I now consider Sherbrooke to be my home. When I came to Bishop’s in 2016, I never imagined myself staying after graduation but throughout my time here I fell in love with the community that both Bishop’s and the Eastern Townships have to offer. While I was in high school and CEGEP I had never heard of Bishop’s University before, that is until I met a recruiter at a university fair. From that day I knew Bishop’s was the right place for me and I have never been happier with my decision to study here.


Alexandra Lebeau

Alexandra Lebeau (She, Her, Hers)

Degrees: BA ’19: Modern Languages: International Japanese & English Language Studies, Minor: Teaching English as a Second Language. M.Ed. ’24 Educational Studies and Leadership.

Hometown: Saint-François-Xavier-de-Brompton, Quebec, Canada


Hello! I’m Alexandra…

I like to call myself a local. Though I was raised nearby, I have spent more than half of my life in Sherbrooke, and I love promoting my town and the Eastern Townships. This region has so much to offer, and I hope you will find it as enchanting as I do!

Enrolling at Bishop’s University was not initially part of my plans. When circumstances led me to take a semester off from my previous university, my family suggested I attend Bishop’s temporarily to improve my English skills. Plus, why not also learn Japanese, a language I had always wanted to explore? I registered for a certificate. Fast forward nine years, and with a B.A. in Modern Languages and a Master of Education in hand, it seems the magic of this place has made it difficult for me to leave.

During my time here and in Japan (where I spent two semesters studying abroad), I forged unique connections with friends, colleagues, staff, and teachers, which I hold dear. I cannot imagine being anywhere else.

The Bishop’s song does say, “We will never graduate.” I am pleased that I can continue my Bishop’s adventure as the Recruitment Office Coordinator, spreading a bit of the purple spark to other marvelous individuals.

Lyssa Paquette (She, Her, Hers)

Manager of Student Recruitment & Retention

Degree: BA ’14: Political Studies & International Studies, Minor: French Language Studies

Hometown: London, Ontario, Canada


Phone: 819-822-9600 ext. 2011

Hello! I’m Lyssa…

While my family roots are in the Eastern Townships region, I grew up in London, Ontario and I graduated from BU with a double major in Political Studies and International Studies with a minor in French Language Studies. Bishop’s was perfect for me, not only on a social level, but in terms of academics as well. I learn best with a personalized teaching approach, and this is exactly what Bishop’s provided. I would not change my Bishop’s experience one bit.

I am the Manager of Student Recruitment and Retention, but I also work as a Municipal Councillor. My fun fact is that I LOVE horses and Dogs! You can catch me at rodeos, races, or hiking the mountains in Quebec.


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