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The Bishop’s Experience

If you made it this far, you must be looking for something different in a university experience. Something different than feeling like a number. Bishop’s offers you a community where profs know your name and care about your success. Where the academic experience is lifted off the page and where blending multiple programs together is not only possible but encouraged. Keep exploring what we have to offer, you might just discover a hidden gem.

What is a liberal education?

A liberal education exposes you to a variety of disciplines and learning strategies and includes in-depth studies in at least one academic area. This style of education will encourage you to ask questions, to consider all angles, to get excited by the pursuit of knowledge, and to be confident in your abilities.

Learning by Doing

Experiential learning is key component of Bishop’s liberal education model. It means hands-on experience and connecting classroom theory to real-life situations, which to our students means learning that prepares them for life.

Undergraduate Programs

Bishop’s is a primarily undergraduate University. We offer over 100 undergraduate bachelor programs in five faculties; School of Education, Williams School of Business, the Humanities, Natural Sciences and Mathematics, and Social Sciences. Over 50% of our students pursue multiple concentrations during their time at Bishop’s, a major difference you will find here that will shape your professional and personal paths.

Graduate Programs

Bishop’s offers a selection of masters programs designed to give students the opportunity to further their academic and professional development while benefiting from the intimate setting of a small, liberal arts institution. Through theoretical learning and research-based practice, Bishop’s offers graduate students the opportunity to strengthen their leadership and critical reflection skills to prepare them for a successful career.

Dive into our viewbook to see what the Bishop’s experience is all about.

The interactive viewbook allows you to click on all hyperlinks, email addresses, and contains videos that will open in a separate pop-up window. It also allows you to post it to your social media, share it with friends and family, add virtual sticky notes to the document, download or print the viewbook. We hope that you enjoy your virtual interactive viewbook experience! Let us know what you think: recruitment@ubishops.ca.

Viewbook 2023
Student enjoying quiet study time on campus.

Admission Requirements

Curious about the requirements for applying to Bishop’s? Undergraduate or grad studies, high school, CÉGEP, or other, take a closer look at our guidelines for application.

Fees and Funding

Choosing a university is not always just about the experience, finances can play an important role in decision making. Quebec offers the lowest tuitions in Canada and Sherbrooke is an affordable city to live in. Further, approximately 62% of our student body receives financial assistance each year!

Outside of Canada?

International Students

Over 20% of all our students are from outside Canada, with representation from over 80 countries. No matter where you call home you are welcome at Bishop’s!

Students in front of McGreer during the summer

Students from the USA

Americans make up the largest portion of our students from outside Canada. No surprise as we are only a short drive from the Vermont border. Check out all the reasons becoming a Gaiter makes sense!



The B.U.blog is written by students, for students. It is a glimpse into the world of post-secondary education and life at Bishop’s. Read about transitioning to university, the best ways to make friends, advice on balancing school and social, and so much more! And when you arrive to Bishop’s as a student you can become a B.U.blogger!

Living on Campus

Bishop’s has some of the best on campus housing in Canada hands down, and first year students are guaranteed a place if they want it.

Did you know? Our studies show students living on-campus have GPAs 5% higher and save 17 hours a week compared to students who live off campus! A close walk to everything, instant friends and community, and a dining plan included. What else could you ask for?

Visit with Us

Visit us in person

The best way to see if Bishop’s is right for you! Come to an Open House or get a personalized tour by booking one of our team members.

Chat with Us

Speaking with a recruiter is a great way to get the answers you want. Don’t hesitate to reach out!

Take a virtual tour

Check out our virtual tour page and get to know our campus at your own pace.

Starting to imagine yourself as a Gaiter? Your vision getting a little…purple?!?!