Academic Advising

Academic Advising

First Year Students

A student who fails a class should try to re-do it immediately in the semester that follows so that it will mitigate the impact on their cumulative average.

Double failure policy for core business courses result in no longer being eligible for programs in business. Also, double failure of required concentration courses will affect concentration eligibility. You may not take any course for a 3rd time at Bishop’s. Please consult the Academic Calendar for more information.

Maintenance of Good Standing is 60% for the WSB. After 1 semester you will get a warning; 2 semesters, you are on academic probation. After 3 semesters below 60%, you are no longer eligible for programs in business. Please consult the Academic Calendar for more information.

Grades are cumulative throughout your time at Bishop’s.

Get familiar with your profs’ policies on late submission of papers.

Plagiarism is a serious offence in the WSB and could result in a permanent stain on your academic record or expulsion from the University. Get help with referencing from the Library or Writing Centre.

Registration for FIRST YEAR STUDENTS

  • 15 credits (5 courses) is a regular course load. The ILT100 lab is not considered a course.
  • You will no longer be pre-registered to any core courses after the fall semester.
  • We recommend that you get academic advising in October or November for guidance on what courses you could take for the winter semester.

Graduating Students

Seek advice on course selection before your last semester. You want to make sure everything is in order for you to graduate.

Check your credits to know if you are on track.
Degree program credits – credits obtained = credits remaining

In the winter semester, check your emails regularly for emails concerning graduation.

Verify graduation application process and respect the deadlines and payments.

Declare all your minors, majors, concentrations before that deadline.

If you are enrolled in spring school in your final year, your graduation takes place in the following year.

Students finishing well in advance of the next convocation date can request a confirmation of graduation from the Records Office. This letter confirms that you have completed all degree requirements.


  • Seek advising well in advance.
  • You should always register for your courses on the first day that registration opens.
  • Make sure that your account is up to date before a new semester. Failure to do so, might prevent you from having access to a variety of services.

Programs Requirements

BA Major Business as of 2018 (Excel sheet)
BA Major Business as of 2017 (Excel sheet)
BA Major Business as of 2016 (Excel sheet)

BA Major Management as of 2018 (Excel sheet)

BBA program as of 2018 (Excel sheet)
BBA program as of 2017 (Excel sheet)
BBA program as of 2016 (Excel sheet)