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Benefits of Living on Campus

There are many advantages to living on campus from a financial and convenience perspective. 

Did you know that when you live on campus your lease is for 8 months (the length of an academic year), compared to living off campus where leases are almost exclusively 12 months? 

Living in residence is all inclusive, which means you don’t have to think about anything! No cooking, driving, parking, paying bills to different providers – it’s all taken care of. 

On top of which there is simply no better way to live the complete Bishop’s experience than living on campus!

Residence also offers study rooms, game rooms, common spaces for gathering and watching TV and movies, internet, free laundry, an entire team dedicated to making your time on campus enriching and entertaining, and more!

Room Fees 2023-2024

Monthly RentTotal Rent
Paterson (single occupancy)$740$5,920
Abbott, Kuener, Munster (single occupancy)$735$5,880
Abbott, Kuener, Munster (double occupancy – style 1)$650$5,200
Abbott, Kuener, Munster (double occupancy – style 2)$685$5,480
Mackinnon, Pollack, Bandeen (single occupancy)$645$5,160
Mackinnon, Pollack, Bandeen (single occupancy – usually a double room but will house 1 person)$660$5,280
Mackinnon, Pollack (double occupancy)$595$4760
Janyne Hodder (single occupancy)$746$5,968

*Leases are for the academic school year (8 months). 

*For more details on style and layout of the halls, visit the Campus Living Halls page

*All rooms include high speed internet, electricity, furnishing, services and incidental fees at $63/month. 

Dining Options and Fees

Dining plans are mandatory for students living in residence, except for Paterson which may include a shared kitchen.

*All prices listed are subject to change.

Students Living on Campus (2023-2024)

Flexible DinerSquare MealerHearty Eater
Dining Frequency7 days a week “all-you-care-to-eat”7 days a week “all-you-care-to-eat”7 days a week “all-you-care-to-eat”
Guest passes2 guest meal passes4 guest meal passes8 guest meal passes
Campus Dining dollars$9.50 credit at The Purple Pod 9-11 PM Monday to Thursday.$9.50 credit at The Purple Pod 9-11 PM Monday to Thursday.
$72/semester for dining venues on campus.
$9.50 credit at The Purple Pod 9-11 PM Monday to Thursday.
$108/semester for dining venues on campus.
Monthly cost (both semesters)$700 ($2800/semester)$718 ($2872/semester)$727 ($2908/semester)
Cost academic year$5600$5744$5816

Students Living Off-Campus (2023-2024)

Commuter Meal Plan

Fall Semester =  $2160 ($27/day), September 2nd – Dec 22nd (80 days).

Winter Semester = $2160 ($27/day), January 7th – April 26th (80 days)

Dine Anytime at Dewies

(prices include taxes)

  • Breakfast: $10.47
  • Lunch: $16.53
  • Supper: $20.26

Meal Plan Blocks

(prices include taxes)

  • 10 Block Breakfast Plan: $85.00
  • 25 Block Meal Plan: $375.00
  • 25 Block Breakfast Plan: $200.00
  • 25 Block Lunch Plan: $360.00
  • 30 Block (BU Staff only) Meal Plan: $375.00
  • 50 Block Meal Plan: $725.00
  • 75 Block Meal Plan: $1050.50

To Purchase a Meal Plan 

Students can purchase a Meal plan when applying to live on campus. For students living off campus wishing to purchase a meal plan or block pass, please visit the front desk at Paterson or call us at 819-822-9600 ext 2685.

Dining Dollars

Dining Dollars are tax free funds associated with the Square or Hearty Meal Plans can be used at any Dining location on campus. They cannot be used for any other campus service. If you choose to add additional monies to your dining dollars account associated with your Flex, Square or Hearty meal plan they will also be tax free.

Gaiter Dollars

Gaiter Dollars is a new way on campus to load money onto your student card. You can use your Gaiter Dollars for laundry, printing, or food venues at either Dewies, the Gaiter Grill, the Bus Stop or Tim Horton’s on campus.

To access your Gaiter Dollar account, go to https://gaiterdollars.ubishops.ca. Log in with your myBU account name or Client ID# for Gaiter Dollar cards. Your password is the same as your myBU account password and can be changed after your first login.

If you lose your card, log into your account and put a hold on your card so that it cannot be used, then go to the library or Paterson to get a new card.

Money associated with a mandatory meal plan must be used by the end of the academic year. Money not associated with a meal plan will carry forward, but after a year being inactive any money left over will expire.

What is “Continuous Dining”?

Students with “Continuous Dining” (Hearty Eater, Square Mealer or Flexible Diner)  can use their Student Card at Dewhurst Dining Hall between 7:30 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. Monday to Sunday and can eat as much as they wish. Students swipe their card upon entering the dining hall and have access to everything being served, as often as they wish.

New since last year, students will have the opportunity to visit the New Purple Pod Food Venue located in the Student Centre for our late-night offerings. Students will have a value of $9.50 to use for late night as part of our continuous dining meal plans which are the Flexible, Square Mealer and Hearty Eater.

Next Steps

Living on campus is not only affordable and convenient, but it can truly make your time at Bishop’s unforgettable. If you’ve accepted your invitation to Bishop’s University, it’s time to apply to live on campus and take full advantage of the BU community!