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An education means so much more than just sharing knowledge – it means creating opportunities for hands-on learning to help you realize your potential. It means graduating with a strong sense of self, curiosity, and an ability to think critically and communicate your ideas.

Whether you choose to start a career, pursue graduate or post-graduate studies, go on to do research, or any number of possibilities life holds for you, we promise your studies at Bishop’s will prepare you. Tens of thousands of Gaiters around the globe would agree.

The Academic Experience at Bishop’s

Our programs of study are designed to encourage intellectual curiosity and nurture a life-long commitment to learning.

  • We offer small classes that leave plenty of room for lively discussions and debates
  • We foster an intimate academic environment in which faculty and students can learn together, both inside and outside the classroom
  • We encourage students to build breadth and depth through interdisciplinary study and we equip them to explore and solve complex problems
  • We build pedagogical and extra-curricular activities to help you determine your passions and interests
  • We offer an academic experience that will prepare you academically, personally, and professionally
  • We complement the learning that happens inside the classroom with internships, co-op programs, practica, and study abroad opportunities

Our unique approach makes for an undergraduate experience that is second to none. It’s part of the reason why Bishop’s students consistently rate their university experience as being amongst the most satisfying and engaging in Canada.

…Bishop’s isn’t a school where you float alone through your degree, but a school where you are continuously inspired and supported by each and every person around you.  Being a Gaiter is being part of a family.

-Kate Halliday

Changing Majors, Adding a Concentration or Minor

Over 50% of all Bishop’s students graduate with more than one concentration. Double majors, double honours, minors, concentrations… so many options! Mix and match to take your academic, personal and professional success to the next level. Pursue a major in mathematics and a minor in music. Or study business while exploring your passion in musical theatre.

Here, we encourage exploration, another reason many students change majors during their time here as they discover their true passion. Explore our academic departments and courses to chart your own path!

Undergraduate Studies

For undergraduate studies, our academic resources are organized into three faculties and schools: the Faculty of Arts and Science (which includes the divisions of the Humanities, Natural Sciences and Mathematics, and Social Sciences), the Williams School of Business, and the School of Education.

Faculty of Arts and Science

In the Faculty of Arts and Science, we want to help open your mind to new ideas, interests and possibilities. Join us to explore fascinating fields of study and discover (or re-discover!) your passions.

School of Education

In the School of Education, we emphasize teaching as an intellectual pursuit, and as a career that includes a great deal of social responsibility. If you have ever wanted to educate and inspire others, then this is the place for you.

Williams School of Business

Studying in the Williams School of Business (WSB) offers you practical, hands-on business experience. We’re about more than just textbooks and lectures in the WSB – here, you’ll solve real-life problems and see first-hand how the world of business works. Ready to get down to business? If so, we’re ready for you.

Graduate Studies

Bishop’s offers a selection of graduate programs designed to give students the opportunity to further their academic and professional development while benefiting from the intimate setting of our small, liberal education institution.

Through theoretical learning and research-based practice, Bishop’s offers you the opportunity to strengthen leadership and critical reflection skills and prepare you for a successful career.

Come and complete a masters alongside professors who are leaders in their field, such as our Canadian Research Chairs, complement your knowledge with a micro-program in climate change, or open doors to a new career with a certificate in brewing science.  

Continuing Education

Bishop’s University Continuing Education’s mission is to be dedicated to lifelong learning by ensuring access to educational programs of the highest quality.

From our Lifelong Learning Academy to our French immersion courses to the dozens of courses offered to general interest learners, we welcome you, no matter what stage of your academic journey!