Joint programs

Joint programs

Three programs are offered in collaboration with other departments in order to enrich the student experience and better prepare them for the workplace. Students get the best of two worlds!

Follow your passion and get a high-quality education

B.A. Major in Arts Administration

The 72-credit interdisciplinary program combines the study of business, the creative arts and arts administration to provide students with the skills and knowledge needed to be active participants in the cultural sector. In addition to the core courses in business and the core courses in one of the creative arts (Drama, Fine Arts or Music), students also take 12 required credits in Arts Administration. At the end of their program, students will be provided with co-op opportunities when they enroll in the program’s Practicum, AAD 353, and will be placed in a variety of cultural venues consistent with their disciplinary focus. In addition to the Practicum course, there are several opportunities for internship employment on campus through internships in Centennial Theatre, The University Gallery, the Music Chez Nous Concert Series, the Eastern Townships Research Centre and other campus-based professional organizations.

Consult the Division of Humanities section of the Academic Calendar for program requirements and the Arts Administration webpage for more information.

B.A. Major in Information Technology

Data and information are the primary assets in all organizations. The BAIT program provides the necessary business and technical skills and knowledge to help organizations explore and manage their data and information to improve decision making processes and therefore business performance. Students in this program will develop skills and knowledge in information technology, management practices and organizations, with the required fundamentals of Computer Science.

Graduates of this program may become IT entrepreneurs, or expect to find employment as Business Intelligence Specialist, IT Analysts, IT Consultants, IT quality assurance specialists, Data Specialist, and IT Project Managers in diverse industries, including banking, insurance, retailing and consulting.

Consult the Computer Science section of the Academic Calendar for program requirements and the BAIT webpage for more information.

B.A. Major in Sports Studies

Sports Studies at Bishop’s is an integrated program, drawing on the expertise of faculty in Psychology, Sociology, Politics, Business, and the Health Sciences, in addition to faculty specializing in Sports and Exercise Science. The Sports Studies programs provide an intensive study of sport and exercise in society. The courses are designed to encourage students to adopt an interdisciplinary perspective that gathers together the individual, local, national and international dimensions of sport and exercise. They expose students to the social, biological, political, business and economic aspects of sports in society. The programs also provide opportunity for practical experiences.

Consult the Sports Studies section of the Academic Calendar for program requirements and the Sports Studies webpage for more information.


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