What is the SEED Portfolio?

The SEED Portfolio is an exclusive experiential learning opportunity for students to experience the risks and rewards of portfolio management. With this program students have the opportunity to learn more about portfolio management in a practical setting, making real decisions with real money. In addition, SEED provides the tools that allow students to successfully compete in today’s job market.

The SEED Portfolio program has immense potential for recruitment and fostering relations with the business community. Nonetheless, the SEED focuses on the learning experience of the students and its main goal is to provide the team members with the appropriate skills set to face today’s business world.

Format delivery

This practical experience is delivered through a 6-credit business elective course (BFN 356 SEED Portfolio) over a 2-year period. During their first year, students are in the role of Research Assistants (RA) and in their second year, they become the Portfolio Managers (PM) if they have done well as RA. Students are only officially registered in BFN 356 in their second year.

The RA and PM teams each have an advisory board that provides feedback to the students and guide them throughout their SEED experience. The External advisory boards are composed of professionals within the investment industry. At the beginning of the fall semester, the Portfolio Managers and the External Advisory Board will hold a formal meeting. Although portfolio managers in conjunction with their research assistants are expected to do their own research and analysis, it is recognized that these investment professionals may be privy to knowledge which the SEED portfolio managers will not have. Therefore, the information provided by the External advisory board is intended to round out the investigation of an investment opportunity. They are not the primary resource used in an analysis.

Responsibilities of the RA and PM

The responsibilities of a RA basically include helping his/her PM in getting valuable information when making a recommendation on a company as well as providing useful information on economic events. They research and report mostly on Canadian companies listed on the TSX. During this period of apprenticeship the RA’s team is expected to be qualified to take over the portfolio on April 1 of each year.

The responsibilities of a PM basically include making recommendations on various companies to the Advisory Board and as well as instructing the RA’s team, given that they will become the new team of PM’s for the upcoming year.

How can I be part of the SEED Portfolio?

You must send your cover letter and cv to Prof. Reena Atanasiadis at reena.atanasiadis@ubishops.ca at the latest by March 31 for the following year. A selection process will then take place each Spring and interviews are to be expected throughout the process. CVs and cover letters should be no more than 1 page each.

Candidates should also have a good knowledge and understanding of economic events taking place in the world or other events that could have an impact on the economy. They should also possess solid time management skills and exude professionalism.