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Don’t just attend BU, Live it!

Living on campus is the Bishop’s experience. Community Living immerses students in a dynamic social environment, promoting collaboration, cultural exchange, and the development of essential life skills within a supportive and inclusive atmosphere.

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Bishop’s University’s Curricular Approach to Student Affairs

We recognize that the student experience is a holistic one; learning opportunities that foster intellectual, professional and personal growth are present as much outside the classroom as they are within it.

To support the student learning experience, an educational priority that is aligned with the culture, values and mission of the University was developed: as a result of their Bishop’s experience, students will insightfully engage with the world.

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Wellbeing & Community Care

Discover how Residence Life Services enhance the living experience of students residing on campus. Our primary goal is to create a safe, inclusive, and engaging living environment that promotes curiosity, personal growth, equity, and community engagement!

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Living Learning Communities

Discover the ultimate academic and social fusion in our Living Learning Communities! Experience vibrant campus living, where education meets community, empowering you to thrive, grow and excel together!

Foresta Lumina in Coaticook.

Events and Activities

Experience campus life to the fullest! Our Residence Life events and activities offer unforgettable moments. Connect, learn, and have fun with a range of engaging activities. You’ll be sure to build friendships that last a lifetime!

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House Cup

Get ready for the ultimate showdown! Join our House Cup competition and represent your house. Unleash your competitive spirit, earn points through thrilling challenges, and unite with your housemates for glory and pride!

Paterson residence assistants.

Getting Involved

Be the driving force! ENGAGE and help shape a thriving community. Plan exciting events, foster community connections, and leave a lasting impact on campus life.

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What are we up to?

The Residence Life annual (yearly) report truly captures the essence of our team’s achievements and showcases the dynamic events, meaningful initiatives, and life-changing student experiences that shaped our year.

Get to know your Residence Life Team

Our team provides a welcoming environment, support, and resources to students. From organizing engaging events and activities to offering guidance, we aim to create a vibrant and inclusive community that fosters growth and success.