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Who do I speak to about academic concerns?

Academic advisors can answer your questions regarding your program of study and general questions about regulations and policies. For more detailed information on degree requirements, you can contact the Chair of your department or program of study.

Meet Your Academic Advisors:

School of Education

Kimberlee Maheu

Kimberlee Maheu

Office: MOD 129

Make an appointment with Kimberlee if you are studying Education.

Williams School of Business

Berenice Rodriguez


Make an appointment with Berenice if you are studying in any of the Business programs.


Justina Browne

Justina Browne


Make an appointment with Justina if you are studying in the Division of Humanities or Social Sciences (Politics & International Studies, Sociology and Sports Studies).


Laura Rezlescu

Laura Rezlescu


Make an appointment with Laura if you are studying in the Division of Natural Sciences and Mathematics or Social Sciences (Economics, Environment & Geography, and Psychology).

Before meeting with your academic advisor:

  • Make a list of specific questions you hope to ask your advisor.
  • Do your research: consult the section(s) of the BU academic calendar pertaining to your program and/or your situation.
  • Be aware of important dates outlined in the Academic Calendar such as course add/drop dates.

Where can I find important academic information?

The Academic Calendar contains all the relevant academic information (regulations, policies, pre-requisites, course descriptions, program and graduation requirements) that a student needs to know.

Where can I get help with non-academic issues?

The University offers many service areas to assist you, depending on your needs. The Student Services Centre is the best place to start if you’re unsure where to go. The team there will help you find answers and quickly connect you to the university resource(s) that meets your needs.

Still have questions?

Take a look at our FAQ page.