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Academic advising is a key component of academic success. Your academic advisors are here to guide you from the time of your admission to your graduation. They offer guidance in matters related to your program requirements, help you design an academic pathway that aligns with your personal and career goals, help you with course selection, and program planning. They can also help you navigate challenges, and refer you to other campus resources as needed.   

We advise. You decide. BU. 

Academic Advising Services  

Our Academic Advisors are here to offer you guidance in the following areas: 

  • Information about academic programs structure and requirements 
  • Information and clarification about academic policies, procedures, and regulations 
  • Guidance and support with academic planning, course selection and registration (adding/dropping courses) 
  • If you are struggling with a course and you are not sure what to do 
  • Questions about withdrawing from a course (WP procedure, implications, etc.) 
  • If you are considering changing your academic program (changing your major, your concentration, adding a minor, etc.) 
  • Review your academic progression and timeline for completion of your degree 
  • Review graduation requirements for your program 
  • General guidance about the international exchange program 
  • Referrals to other student support services on-campus as needed 

You can also contact the Departmental Chairperson for specific information on your academic program and degree requirements. Contact the Chair of your department or program of study.  

Contact your Academic Advisor 

We encourage you to reach out to your advisor as early as possible for guidance relating to your academic pathway. 

School of Education

Kimberlee Maheu

Kimberlee Maheu

Academic Advisor Education
Office: MAC 110

Make an appointment with Kimberlee if you are studying Education.

Williams School of Business

Berenice Rodriguez

Berenice Rodriguez

Academic Advisor Business
Office: HAM 201-A

Make an appointment with Berenice if you are studying in any of the Business programs.

Faculty of Arts

Justina Browne

Justina Browne

Academic Advisor – Arts
Office: MAC 108

Make an appointment with Justina if you are studying in the Division of Humanities or Social Sciences (Politics & International Studies, Sociology and Sports Studies).

Faculty of Science

Laura Rezlescu

Laura Rezlescu

Academic Advisor – Science
Office: MAC 106

Make an appointment with Laura if you are studying in the Division of Natural Sciences and Mathematics or Social Sciences (Economics, Environment & Geography, and Psychology).

Before meeting with your academic advisor:

  • Make a list of specific questions you hope to ask your advisor.
  • Consult the sections of the Academic Calendar pertaining to your program and/or your situation.
  • Be aware of important dates outlined in the Academic Calendar such as course add/drop dates, WP deadline, etc.

Useful Links

Academic Calendar 

The Academic Calendar contains all the relevant information for all academic programs at the university (academic policies, procedures, regulations, program requirements, course descriptions, pre-requisites, etc.) 

Sessional Dates  

Review the sessional dates to know all important dates, including start of classes, add/drop period, WP deadline, final exams period, etc. 


Find all information about registration dates, instructions and resources available, etc. 


See course offerings per term on the Timetable page. 

International Exchange Program 

For more details about going on exchange, please visit Studend Exchange and Study Abroad Programs.  

Graduation and Convocation  

Visit this page for all details about Graduation and Convocation (procedures, timeline, etc.) 

Other services on-campus 

Where can I get help with non-academic issues? Visit the Student Services page to find student support services available to you.

Still have questions?

Take a look at our FAQ page.