Sustainable Development at Bishop’s University

Bishop’s University is in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains. The region is rich in green spaces and wildlife. Our beautiful campus is surrounded by multiple rivers, lakes, marshes, and fields. These stunning views and the charming borough of Lennoxville gives our supportive Bishop’s community motivation to adopt a sustainable lifestyle.

We at BU value principles of sustainability and seek to integrate them into our academic programs and our individual and institutional activities. We value the natural beauty of our surroundings and exceptional architectural quality in our built environment. We, the students, faculty and administration of BU pursue our sustainable development goals with enthusiasm and curiosity.

“Learning to live within the limits of planet Earth in justice and in peace is the fundamental challenge of the twenty first century.”
Dr. Peter Victor (Guest lecture, 2012)


Bishop’s University Sustainable Development Policy

Student ambition and action, and the assistance of the Sustainable Development Committee, have led to the creation of the Bishop’s University Sustainable Development Policy. This document demonstrates our commitment to improving our sustainability with adaptable, realistic and measurable targets regarding all three aspects of sustainable development: environment, economy and community.

Whether it’s the construction of a geothermal heating system to improve our energy efficiency, or the elimination of water bottles on campus, Bishop’s University serves as a role model in the area of sustainable development.

The documents below outlines the actions we are taking to minimize our negative impact on our environment whilst integrating sustainability all throughout the Bishop’s campus.

University Statutes (see Section 2 Standing Committees)

Talloires Declaration:

Sustainable Development Policy

Sustainability audit for Bishop’s University campus, by Amanda Hamel, 2011

Report Summary: Bishop’s University Campus Sustainability Audit, by Daphne D. Fisher, 2008

Le développement durable à l’Université Bishop’s, par Benoit Tanguay, 2007

Environmental audit report, 2006

See also the SRC Green Initiatives

Sustainable Development Student Intern (SDSI)

The Sustainable Development Student Intern (SDSI) acts as a liaison between students ideas and opinions, with faculty and administration.

This position aids, motivates, and educates the student body with regard to positive sustainable development initiatives. They represent the student community within the Sustainable Development Committee and the Sustainable Development Action Group.

This internship is made possible thanks to the generous contributions of the Elizabeth Harvey Memorial Sustainable Development Fund and the Kruger Inc. Sustainable Development Internship Fund.

SDSI Reports:

Summer Intern Report – Angela Lanza 2013
Summer Intern Report – Adam Bond 2010

Sustainable Development at Bishop's University