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Bishop’s University prides itself on being a leader among Quebec universities in implementing sustainable practices on campus.


What is SDAG?
SDAG is a multi-stakeholder group working towards the promotion and increased awareness of the need for sustainable projects and development on campus. We work to implement ideas and projects concerning sustainable development. SDAG reports to the Sustainable Development & Land Use Committee.

Who are the members of SDAG?
SDAG is comprised of a student majority, multi-stakeholder membership and is open to all students for participation and input.

The following is the list of voting members of SDAG:

  • One member representing the University,
  • One member representing B&G invited where needed,
  • SRC member,
  • SRC General Manager,
  • SDSI,
  • Environmental Club President

What initiatives have taken place through SDAG?
Bishop’s University is the 1st Quebec university to ban the sale of single-use bottled water on campus. The “Think Global, Drink Local” campaign began in 2009, led by students to raise awareness of the negative impacts of bottled water. Following a student referendum in March of 2010, the plan to remove bottled water on campus was successfully implemented for the entry of students in September of 2010.

Learn more about our initiatives on the Projects page.

Green Levy

Did you know Bishop’s has a Green levy? The Green Levy is money ($2.50), taken out of your student fees each semester, to go towards a fund to complete Sustainability projects on campus. There are two main groups working towards the promotion and development of projects as well as the implementation of these initiatives. Stay up to date with SDAG and BUEC and join us in making Bishop’s a more environmentally, socially and economically sustainable place!

The Green Levy Committee shall: 

  • work towards the promotion and increased awareness of the need for sustainable projects and development on campus;
  • work towards the implementation of ideas and projects brought forward by students concerning sustainable development;
  • accept and review applications submitted for the Green Levy fund;
  • organize meetings, called by the SDSI, to review Green Levy applications;
  • meet once a semester to discuss how to promote sustainable development in the community;
  • be responsible for ensuring the continuity of Green Levy projects each year.

The Green Levy Committee shall consist of the following members: 

  • Sustainable Development Student Intern (as chair),
  • SRC Environmental and Sustainability Representative,
  • a SRC General Manager,
  • a Representative from the Environmental Club, and
  • a University Representative.

Example of a Green Levy Project:

Bishop’s Bees

Bishop’s University in collaboration with Miel MTL made an arrangement to setup 3 hives on a designated secure area on campus. Bishop’s Bees is a small, student-run beekeeping initiative at Bishop’s University. The project encourages students and community members to get involved by buying the honey available at Doolittle’s and sold during Eco-Week, participating in activities, and learning about bees and beekeeping.

The project has big potential and can be highly beneficial for the suitability of the climate/geography, and contribution to the environment. Students will be invited to participate in the upkeep of a bee hive, as well as learn about the nature of bees. Bishop’s Bees became a student club this year, which opens more opportunities to get involved with the project. This year Bishop’s was able to produce 300 jars of honey, all of which were sold. The project looks to be very promising and profitable. It is in the interest of the upcoming SDSI to get involved with the project for its sustainability contribution to the student community.

For more information, see the project proposal document or visit the Bishop’s Bees Facebook Group.

How to get involved

If you’re interested in being an active member of the Bishop’s Community through the promotion of Sustainable Development: get involved! Contact the Sustainable Development Intern by email: SDSI@ubishops.ca to find out more!

New this year to Bishop’s University is a Sustainable Development Office. The office is used by the intern, the SRC environmental officer, the environmental club, and other interested groups. It is located in room 107 in the Student Union Building (SUB). The office provides many resources to all students concerning sustainability for the Bishop’s Community.


AgroBishops is a club dedicated to sustainable food initiatives on and around Bishop’s campus. If you’re interested in the community garden, learning how to garden/farm, or getting involved with our other awesome projects, this is the group for you. We meet bi-weekly, with the intention of making Bishop’s a more agro-friendly place.

BU Environmental Club (BUEC):
The Environmental Club is a group that holds numerous activities and events designed to both enjoy and protect the environment. Once a week, they get together to plan these activities and to brainstorm new initiatives (suggestions are encouraged!) Past activities included: plant sales, bring your own mug- hot beverages, vegan workshops, environmental documentary screenings, snowshoeing local mountains, trail clean ups and many more.

For more information on clubs, visit The BUbble.