This program is ideal for students who wish to combine their business studies with a different subject. The program structure allows for a second major or two minors, which give ample room for a student to embrace the richness of a liberal education.

Get a Solid and Rich Liberal Education


The B.A. Major Business has three components for a total of 120 credits:

  • Core curriculum (42 credits)
  • Optional courses (18 credits)
  • Electives (60 credits) *

* At least 42 credits must be from Non-Business courses

MAJOR Business
Core: 42
Required: 0
Optional: 18
Electives: 60*
TOTAL: 120

* The electives that are part of the B.A. Major Business are comprised of at least 42 but no more than 60 Non-Business electives, leaving the possibility of a maximum of 36 Business elective credits.


The B.A. Major Business is for the business-minded student pursuing a well-diversified liberal education, who wishes to complement a traditional business degree with a major in another discipline.

42 core credits + 0 required credit + 18 optional credits + 60 (at least 42 must be Non-Business) elective credits = 120 credits

Core – 42 credits

  • BAC121 Introduction to Financial Accounting I
  • BAC221 Introduction to Management Accounting
  • BCS220 Management of Information Systems
  • BFN200 Introduction to Finance
  • BHR221 Organizational Behaviour
  • BMA140 Statistical Analysis for Business Decisions I
  • BMG100 Understanding Business & Society
  • BMG215 Introduction to International Business
  • BMG221 Business Law & Ethics
  • BMG311 Business Policy and Strategic Management
  • BMK211 Marketing Management
  • BMS231 Operations Management
  • ECO102 Principles of Economics: Microeconomics
  • ECO103 Principles of Economics: Macroeconomics
  • ILT100 Information Literacy and Critical Thinking (lab) *

* Mandatory 1-credit lab course for all B.A. Major Business students. This lab course cannot be used as a lecture course credit.

Required – 0 credit

  • n/a

Optional – 18 credits


Consult the Academic Calendar for detailed information about academic program requirements, policies, procedures, regulations, course descriptions, pre-requisites, etc. It is recommended that students review their program completion plan each semester as some courses may only be offered once a year or only on alternate years. We encourage you to seek academic advising as early as possible for guidance and support with academic planning, to review your progression and program completion plan. The WSB Academic Advisor can be reached at


Enrolment in the Williams School of Business is limited. Students must normally have a minimum R score of 24 from CEGEP and 80% from high school to be considered for admission in the B.A.Major Business.

To enter the program, CEGEP graduates must have a Quebec collegial diploma (D.E.C.). Upon admission, they will receive 30 advanced credits in electives, leaving 90 credits to complete at Bishop’s University. Therefore, it makes it possible to complete any of our Business programs in three years.

International students will have their files evaluated on a case-by-case basis for advanced credits and exemptions.

Mathematics requirements and other exemptions

There is no mathematics courses prerequisites to apply to any programs in the Williams School of Business. Any students applying to the B.A. Major Business can complete any required mathematics courses while at Bishop’s University. Students who have completed Mathematics 201-NYC (201-105) and 201-NYA (201-103) in CEGEP or the equivalent will receive an exemption for MAT 196 and MAT 197. Additionally, students having completed the Microeconomics and Macroeconomics courses in CEGEP with an average grade of at least 75% will be exempted from taking ECO 102 Principles of Economics: Microeconomics and ECO 103 Principles of Economics: Macroeconomics. Exempted courses will have to be replaced with any elective courses (Business or Non-Business), if required by the selected program.

High School students requiring a mathematics pre-requisite course in order to be able to register in an optional course of their choice, may be required to first take MAT 190 Precalculus Mathematics before being able to enroll in the required mathematics course if they have not completed one of the following course: BC/YT: Pre-Calculus 12, AB/NT/NU: Math 30-1, SK: Pre-Calculus 30 or Calculus 30, MB: Pre-Calculus 40, ON: Advanced Functions 4U or Calculus & Vectors 4U, NB: Pre-Calculus 120A/120B or Calculus 120, NS: Pre-Calculus 12 or Calculus 12, PEI: Math 611B or Math 621B, NL: Math 3200 or Math 3201 or Math 3208.

It must be noted that MAT 190 Precalculus Mathematics doesn’t count for credits towards graduation as it is outside the degree requirements.

Consult our Admission process web page for more information.

Consult the Academic Calendar in both the University and the Williams School of Business sections for important regulation relating admission.

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