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Thesis-based, Individualized Programs allow students to tailor a Master’s program to a specific research goal and explore topics outside of traditional disciplines.

Some examples of subjects our student are currently exploring include the effects of pesticide bioaccumulation, the impact of art-based interventions, and mentorship program design.

Faculty of Arts and Science    
Master of Arts (M.A.),
Master of Science (M.Sc.)  
Program type:
45 credits  
2 years  
Start semester:
Fall, Winter    

Program structure

Candidates are required to complete a minimum of 45 credits divided as follows:

  • Coursework component – 15 credits
    • Students are required to complete a minimum of 15 credits of regularly scheduled graduate courses.
  • Thesis component – 30 credits
    • Thesis proposal (3 credits)
    • Research and Thesis (27 credits)

Specific courses are defined for each Individualized Program as part of the application process.

Admission requirements

The minimum requirements for admittance to a thesis-based, Individualized Program (M.A. / M.Sc.) include:

  • a faculty member competent and willing to supervise the coursework and research component,
  • an undergraduate degree with a major in a discipline related to their proposed research project,
  • a minimum average of 75% or equivalent ( 3.0/4.0 or B-), and proof of English language proficiency.

Application process


Before beginning the application process, interested students must find a faculty member willing to supervise their academic and research program.

Need help finding a supervisor?

Contact the graduate studies coordinator for support.

Jimmy Couturier, Graduate Studies Coordinator

Email: jcouturi@ubishops.ca


Once a faculty member in the intended field of study has agreed to develop and supervise the program it’s time to gather the required documents.

The required supporting documents are as follows:

  • Any official transcripts and university degrees earned,
  • Individualized Program MSc/MA Research Proposal Form
  • Letter(s) of recommendation from professors, other than the supervisor(s), who can comment on intellectual capacity, ability to do research in the intended field, and chances of success in a graduate environment.
    • Current Bishop’s University Students must provide one (1) letter of recommendation and other applications must provide two (2) letters of recommendation.
    • Letters of recommendation must by emailed to admissions@ubishops.ca by the reference professor along with the applicant’s name.  


  • Fall semester: March 1st
  • Winter semester: October 1st

Priority will be given to complete applications submitted by the deadline. In some cases, programs may continue to accept applications as long as there is space available.


Once you have gathered all the documents for your application, you can submit you application online (fee required).

Awards and funding

Full-time students are eligible for financial support in the form of research assistantships, teaching assistantships, and/or a scholarship. These are awarded on a competitive basis.

In addition, graduate students may be supported by international exchange scholarships and research grants awarded to individual supervisors.

Graduate students registered full-time in a thesis-based program (which includes Individualized M.A. / M.Sc. programs) are eligible for the Graduate Entrance Scholarship. Conditions apply, see the Graduate Entrance Scholarship web page for more information.

Learn more about other funding opportunities by visiting the Office of Research and Graduate Studies page.