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Requesting Reconsideration of a Negative Admissions Decision

Bishop’s University is unable to accept all applicants for admission, as the process is competitive. The number of admissions offers is limited and the University is not bound to accept any or all applicants who may possess the minimum admission requirements.

If you were denied admission to the University and feel that you have extenuating circumstances or have additional information that was not previously considered, you may request that your application to Bishop’s be reconsidered, as per the following section of the Senate’s Admissions Policy of Bishop’s University:

  • Decisions made by the Academic Deans concerning admission to the University may be reconsidered if the applicant is able to provide additional information to the University that could lead it to reverse the initial admissions decision.

To request reconsideration of a negative admissions decision, applicants must apply in writing to the Director of Admissions, outlining the rationale for requesting reconsideration of an admissions decision. This request, along with the new information not previously considered, must be submitted by the following dates, upon receipt of a negative admissions decision:

  • Winter Entry Reconsideration Request Deadline: December 11th
  • Fall Entry Reconsideration Request Deadline: June 1st

The reconsideration request will first be reviewed by the Director of Admissions to confirm new information has been presented. Once confirmed, it will then be sent to the corresponding Dean’s Office for reconsideration. If upon this review the original decision is still upheld, it will be submitted to the Admissions Reconsideration Review Committee.

The Admissions Reconsideration Review Committee will consist of the following members of the Academic Standing and Admissions Policy Committee: the Vice-Principal Academic & Research, the Director of Admissions, the Vice-President Academic of the Students’ Representative Council, and the University Ombudsperson. The relevant Dean (or designate) will be invited to be present to provide context/info if necessary to the Review Committee, in a non-voting capacity.

A majority vote (3-1 or 4-0) will be required to reverse the original admissions decision. The decisions of the Admissions Reconsideration Review Committee shall be final and cannot be appealed.

Admission reconsideration may be requested for one of the following reasons:

  • You have new information on extenuating circumstances which impacted your academic performance and ability to meet the University’s admission requirements that was not submitted during the original admissions process.
  • You believe there was an error in processing your application.

The following reasons are not acceptable for admission reconsideration:

  • No new information/supporting documentation is provided to support admissions reconsideration;
  • Dissatisfaction or disagreement with University policies;
  • Failure to meet published deadlines;
  • Someone with similar grades to yours was given an offer of admission;
  • You really want to attend Bishop’s;
  • You were given offers of admission to other universities, so you feel you should get a Bishop’s offer of admission.

Supporting documentation for reconsideration

If you are petitioning for admission reconsideration, you must provide Bishop’s with supporting documentation. The documentation should support your claims, and must help Bishop’s reviewers understand the grounds for reconsideration. For example, if your request is due to illness, you must provide medical documentation, transcripts, letters of support, and/or email correspondence that clearly outlines:

  • Start and end dates of the illness;
  • Impact of the illness on your academic performance;
  • Treatment you received for the illness; and
  • Whether the illness is resolved and will no longer affect your academic performance.

To request reconsideration of your application, please proceed as follows:

  • Submit a signed request to the Director of Admissions at admissions@ubishops.ca by the dates outlined above. This signed request implies consent for the Committee members to review your complete application. Please note that a request for reconsideration will be accepted from the applicant only.
  • Your request must include a rationale for requesting that your application be reconsidered. This rationale must include additional information that could lead the University to reverse the original admissions decision.

Only complete requests will be considered.

The Review committee will make every attempt, but cannot guarantee, to render its decision within the 30 days following the Reconsideration Request Deadline.

For further information or to submit your application for admissions reconsideration, please contact the Director of Admissions at admissions@ubishops.ca.