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Remember How You Entered.

Be Proud of How You Leave.

In addition to its academic offerings, Bishop’s University offers an amazing university experience. Clubs, culture, sports, experiential learning, events, and so much more. Here are a few of the highlights that make Bishop’s unique.

B.U. is home to a diverse community from near and far. We pride ourselves on being inclusive and supportive. We want everyone to feel at home here no matter who you are or where you’re from. We have many clubs, support groups, and resources where you can connect with others like you. Check out the SRC website or explore all of the student services available on campus.

Orientation Week & Move-In Day

Orientation week, which takes place alongside your first few days of classes, is jam-packed with activities and events that will focus on both the academic and social sides of Bishop’s University. O-Week is meant to get first-year students situated in their new purple bubble and give them the opportunity to meet other incoming students as well as upper years that can show you around and answer questions.

For students living in one of our residence buildings, move-in day is a big event on the calendar. Settling into a new room, meeting new friends, and joining o-week week activities to get them pumped to start their B.U. journey. Be sure to pack as much purple as you can, as you can never have too much!


With five varsity games over three days, homecoming weekend is the perfect time to show your school spirit. Current students and alumni gather to don their purple and cheer on our fellow Gaiters. Follow up the games with the pancake breakfast at the Griffin House, enjoy that classic Canadian maple syrup and connect with students and Bishop’s Alumni.

Student Representative Council (SRC)

The Bishop’s University Students Representative Council (SRC), is a non-profit student-run organization whose mandate is to represent and amplify the voices of students, not only at the university, but also at the provincial and national level. The SRC strives to make the Bishop’s experience the best it can be, from the first day of Orientation Week to the last day of Convocation weekend. If you want to join the SRC or check out their services or upcoming events, visit their website to find out more.


One of the biggest events on campus, Winterfest is the pinnacle weekend for social activity in our winter semester. Students wear their retro snow suits (ideally purple) and gather to watch the Rail Jam competition, where competitors do tricks off a ramp built in our very own quad.

Later that night an outdoor concert takes place with a DJ getting everyone dancing in their snowsuits! Winterfest is the perfect time for students to come outside and celebrate the cold together.

Student Opportunities

Student from the Bishop's Bee Club harvesting honey

Clubs & Volunteering

Interested in extracurricular activities or spending time doing an activity you enjoy while meeting others who feel the same? We have over 100 clubs at Bishop’s! And if you don’t see what you’re looking for you can start your own club. During orientation week make sure to visit Club Day to learn about the great opportunities and sign up!

Student working on a laptop

Working on Campus

Can’t get enough of the Bishop’s campus? There are plenty of job opportunities right here through experiential learning opportunities, internships, or summer jobs, there are many reasons to stay on campus and make some money! The Career and Transition Services (CATS) office offers support and connections.

Get Your Sport On

Bishop’s University Athletics and Recreation is way more than 10 varsity teams. The John H. Price Sports Centre AKA “the plex” is a focal point on campus. Beyond the lounges, roof-top terrace and Tim Horton’s, every Bishop’s student has access to the fitness facility and the newly renovated pool. Recreation and aquatics classes are held throughout the semester, as well as our ever-popular intramural leagues.

Be sure to stop by and cheer on the Gaiters at one of their home games. Our fans are the best in the country and the experience is one that can’t be missed.

Be Courageous. Be authentic. B.U.

The Bishop’s experience reflects our students. Vibrant, engaging, respectful, exciting, stimulating. It’s all here for you. Ready for the next step?