FAQ for Parents

About the Williams School of Business:

Are there specialized visits for student wishing to study in Business?

Any student wishing to visit BU can request a meeting with our Academic Advisor for the Williams School of Business. The meeting usually lasts about 30 minutes where students can learn about the program, how to get involved, and have all their questions answered.


Will my child succeed in the business program if English is not his/her first language?

Over 25% of our student population is studying in their 2nd language with an excellent success rate. There are many tools and services available for students for whom English is not their first language:

  • Francophone students may write their work in French.
  • The Writing Centre is a free resource to help students review their work.
  • English as a Second Language (ESL) courses are available to take as elective courses.
What are the distinctive qualities of the Williams School of Business?
  • Small class sizes that allow for high participation rates
  • Engaged faculty who want to get to know you
  • Ability to develop key skills such a presentation and critical thinking
  • Opportunity to research with professors at the undergraduate level
Does the WSB offer an MBA Program?

No, the Williams School of Business prides itself on offering an exceptional undergraduate experience. Students at the BBA level have the opportunity to be a teacher’s assistant or research assistant, which will prepare them, should they choose to study at the post-graduate level.

What distinguishes the William School of Business professors?

The WSB boasts highly qualified professors from around the world. Our professors are committed to teaching and student learning while also pushing the limits of their research.

About Bishop’s University:

Can I access my child’s file?

Your student will receive their username and password once they have been officially accepted to Bishop’s. This will allow them to access services such as our intranet (myBU), Moodle, and their Bishop’s email. This information will not be shared with parents unless your student chooses to do so.

Can I ask questions on their behalf?

We encourage students to take responsibility for their own education by contacting the University regarding any questions they may have. We are happy to answer general questions that parents may have; however, no specific questions can be answered regarding your student’s file unless they give written or verbal consent.

What does Bishop’s have to offer that will contribute to my child’s career development?
  • Workshops
  • Conferences
  • On-campus jobs
  • International experiences
  • Help Centers (Writing, Math, etc.)
  • Tutoring program
  • Extra-curricular clubs

FAQ for WSB Students

First year WSB students:

Where and how can I get a tutor?

Information and cost are available on the SRC Tutor program web page.

What type of work will be expected from me over the course of my degree?

Essays, projects, exams, routine homework, presentations, and team work.

What type of classes will I have to take?

Lecture-style, seminar-style, case study-based and experiential-learning-based.

Where can I get a confirmation of enrollment letter?

At the Records Office.
Email: records@ubishops.ca

When do I need to choose my concentration?

Accounting should be after your 1st year, since you are required to complete 36 credits for this concentration stream.

Other WSB concentration streams should be declared in your 2nd year.

Students can get a Change of Program Form from the Academic Advisor in Hamilton 201.

What happens if I fail a class?

A student who fails a class should try to redo it immediately in the semester that follows, so that it will mitigate the impact on their cumulative average. Double failing a course could result in a serious consequence including exclusion from the business program. Please refer to the Academic Calendar for more information.

Is it possible to change my courses after the registration date?

After the registration period, you will be given a deadline where you may add and/or drop a course without additional fees.

Past this deadline, you will need to contact your academic advisor for more information on the procedures to follow if you wish to withdraw from a course.

How many hours per week, per course, should I devote to my studies?

Normally, students should dedicate roughly 3 hours per week per class for their studies. This may vary at different times of the year depending on midterms, presentations and group projects.

Will I have to take evening classes?

The WSB does its best to offer courses at a variety of times throughout the day to accommodate as many preferences as possible. There is a possibility that students may have to take an evening course while in their studies. This often depends on the courses, concentrations, and electives they choose.

Is the registration different for winter semesters?

You will no longer be pre-registered to any core courses after the fall semester. We recommend that you get academic advising in October or November for guidance on what courses you could take for the winter semester.

What are key dates to remember?

Add/Drop deadlines.
Withdrawal with permission.

Please see the Sessional Dates web page for up-to-date information.

When and where can I purchase textbooks?

You may purchase textbooks at the beginning of the semester at the following places:

Current WSB students:

When and how should I declare a concentration?

Accounting should be declared at the end of your 1st year, since you are required to complete 36 credits for this concentration stream.

Other WSB concentration streams should be declared in your 2nd year.

Students can get a Change of Program Form from the Academic Advisor in Hamilton 201.

How can I become a teaching assistant?

In your last year at Bishop’s, you can become a marker or a research assistant for a professor. Professors will select students who demonstrate strong ability to understand, and a passion for the subject.

How can I change programs?

If a student wishes to declare a concentration, add a minor or major, they can simply fill in a Change of Program Form from the Academic Advisor in Hamilton 201.

Note that students wishing to change programs must typically have a 65% cumulative average. Students in other programs wishing to transfer to Business should have a minimum of a 75% cumulative average.*

*This average is based on last year’s average. Transfers will also depend on availability of space in the desired program.

What is spring school and is it mandatory?

Spring school is not mandatory. Students who wish to have a lighter course load in the following semester(s), or make up for a class they have failed, may take up to 3 courses during the spring semester.

Can I earn more than one minor/major or complete a double concentration?

Adding a minor is more often than not a rather simple process. Most minors are 24 credits and flexible in terms of the course requirements.

Students completing the BBA may have difficulty adding a second major depending on the number of credits they have available. Anything is possible, but it requires strong planning, and regular academic advising is strongly encouraged for students planning a second major.

Students completing a BA Major Business have 60 credits of free electives and typically have no problems adding a second major or two minors. Advising is still recommended.

Four year students typically have no problem completing a double concentration within their degree depending on the concentrations selected. Certain combinations require extra courses. Students in a three year degree may be able to complete a double concentration in that time period, but is dependent on course availability and course selection of the student. As always, advising is strongly encouraged.