The practicum is a significant component in preparing Student Teachers for professional practice. Field experiences afford Student Teachers opportunities to draw on the theoretical and practical knowledge and skills acquired in their university coursework.

Student Teachers in the Elementary and Secondary education programs (B.Ed) complete 700 hours of practice teaching over four practica in the School of Education. Student Teachers must successfully complete the requirements of all practica components in order to complete the B.Ed. with recommendation to the ​​Ministère de l’Éducation et de l’Enseignement Supérieur (MEES) for the brevet d’enseignement (Teaching Certificate).

The practica components are supported through the following courses:

1st practicum: Introduction to Professional Practice (EDU 128/129)

  • 3 credits
  • 17.5 hours (FALL)
  • 5 field trips (½ days)

2nd practicum: Reflective Practicum (EDU 228/229)

  • 3 credits
  • 70 hours (WINTER)

3rd practicum: The Professional Practice Practicum (EDU 328/329)

  • 6 credits
  • 210 hours (WINTER)
  • 6 weeks, 60% workload

4th practicum: The Internship (EDU 428/429)

  • 12 credits
  • 455 hours (WINTER)
  • 12 weeks, 80% workload

Practicum Progression

Practicum Progression - a visual representation of the yearly information above

Diversity of Placements

The practica are located at English school boards and some private schools in Quebec. To the greatest degree possible, while following government stipulations, each placement must be at a different level, in a new school, with a different socio-economic profile. Placements are varied to provide Student Teachers’ knowledge about large and small schools, schools with special needs students, schools promoting the early acquisition of French, and adult education centres for individuals returning to complete schooling.

You can request to conduct your practica anywhere within Quebec. Where an entente exists or can be established within a School Board/Institution, efforts will be made to place you.

Important Practicum Considerations

  • Students bear the costs of transport and housing related to practicum, except when practicing with Indigenous community partners, in which ALL costs are covered.
  • If you are a Secondary candidate in Music, Drama, Fine Arts, or TESL, one of your placements will be in an Elementary school.
  • You must pass the English Exam for Teacher Certification (EETC) before your 6-week practicum (in the winter of Year 3/4).
  • The Practice Teaching Office (PTO) does all contacting of organizations to secure placements. BU Student Teachers do not actively arrange their own practica.