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Despite being a small institute, BU’s researchers focus on big questions. Research, research creation and innovation are central to the mission of this vibrant university. Our Office of Research and Graduate Studies, under the mandate of the Vice-Principal Academic and Research and under the supervision of the Director of Research and Graduate Studies, supports a wide range of scientific, scholarly, and creative research activities conducted by the faculty and students of the university.

Research and Innovation at Bishop’s University

Research, Graduate Studies and Innovation at Bishop’s University

Bishop’s is a liberal education postsecondary institution where research and creative activity at all levels are encouraged and fostered. Over 50% of our research personnel are undergraduate students, providing them a unique opportunity to have hands-on experience with research, be it in state-of-the-art laboratories, in archives, or in the field. Our professors are also researchers and artistic scholars who make significant contributions to their field of expertise and who engage in knowledge mobilization activities so that the advancements made in research and creative endeavors may be communicated directly to the users for whom the research findings are intended. We invite you to consult the Research Spotlights section of this web page to learn more about some of our research success stories, undergraduate and graduate student researchers and community outreach activities. Explore the Experts Directory to find the expertise you are looking to collaborate with!

Strategic Plan and Research Priorities

Strategic Plan and Research Priorities

Research and research creation are fundamental components of Bishop’s University’s mandate as a post-secondary institution in the Quebec and the Canadian landscape and beyond. Bishop’s University has adopted a Strategic Research Plan in order to develop and promote its research profile.

Canada Research Chairs

Canada Research Chairs at Bishop’s

Canada Research Chairs are held by tenure-stream faculty member at Bishop’s University. All Canada Research Chair positions are filled according to the Requirements for recruiting and nominating Canada Research Chairs. The university uses a full, open, and transparent process for recruiting applicants for Canada Research Chair positions.



Yaffle is a window to and from research at Bishop’s. It serves as a searchable repository of expertise and research projects, and a tool for brokering research collaboration opportunities between research institutions, other sectors and the public.

Academic Endevours

Institutional Repository

The Bishop’s University Institutional Repository is a tool designed to showcase and archive the intellectual and creative output of the Bishop’s University community, including but not limited to: faculty research and publications, student theses, conference presentations, event audio and video recordings, and teaching resources. Members of the Bishop’s community are encouraged to submit current and past publications.

Funding and awards

Funding and Awards

Bishop’s University researchers may apply for internal or external research funding, as well as for specific grants destined to cover travel and publication costs.

Graduate Studies and Student Research

Graduate Studies and Student Research

Students at Bishop’s University are given many opportunities to participate in research activities. This section outlines the various opportunities that are offered to Bishop’s University students who wish to get involved in academic research.

Policies and Guidelines

Be Responsible. Be Engaged. BU.

The Research Office is responsible for ensuring that research with human participants, animals or biohazards at Bishop’s University meets the highest safety and ethical standards. It also provides support in matters related to intellectual property and the responsible conduct of research.

Research with Human Participants

The Research Ethics Board (REB) is responsible for the review and approval of research protocols involving human participants and ensures that the highest ethical standards in the conduct of research by Bishop’s University researchers are upheld and in compliance with the Tri-Council Policy Statement: Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans (TCPS 2) and the Bishop’s University Research Ethics Policy.

Research with Animals

The Animal Care Committee (ACC) is responsible for the review and approval of teaching and research protocols to ensure that all animal use within Bishop’s jurisdiction is in compliance with institutional, municipal, provincial and federal regulations, and the guidelines of the Canadian Council on Animal Care. The guidelines of the Canadian Council on Animal Care include the consideration of animal welfare needs and the practice of the “The Three Rs” (Replacement, Reduction and Refinement) to guide educators on the ethical use of animals in science and teaching.

Research with Biohazards

Researchers who use biohazards must abide by the Bishop’s University Biosafety Manual, which has been prepared for the benefit of those who work in proximity to potentially infectious biological agents.

Research with Controlled Goods

Bishop’s University is registered under the Controlled Goods Program, a security program managed by Public Services and Procurement Canada. Controlled Goods are primarily goods, including components and technical data that have military or national security significance, which are controlled domestically by the Government of Canada and defined in the Defence Production Act.

Research Agreements

This section contains information related to contract research done by Bishop’s University researchers in partnership with the community and/or industry partners, as well as information related to the commercialization of research findings.

Visiting Scholars

Postdoctoral fellows are welcome at Bishop’s University to pursue independent and collaborative research under the supervision of our researchers.

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