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Many people don’t realize that a primarily undergraduate, liberal education institution like Bishop’s can include a vibrant and thriving research component in its mandate. Bishop’s, however, is proof that one can. Our Research Office, under the direction of the Vice-Principal Academic, supports a wide range of scientific, scholarly, and creative research activities conducted by the faculty and students of the university.

COVID-19 and research/creative activities at Bishop’s

A Message from the Vice-Principal Academic

Bishop’s is a liberal arts, mainly undergraduate postsecondary institution. But it is also a place where research and creative activity at all levels are encouraged and fostered. Over 50% of our research personnel are undergraduate students, who have the opportunity to gain hands-on research experience, be it in labs, in archives, or in the field. Our professors are also researchers and artistic scholars who make significant contributions to their field of expertise and who engage in knowledge mobilization activities so that the advancements made in research and creative endeavours may be communicated directly to the users for whom the research findings are intended. We invite you to consult the Research Spotlights section of this web page to learn more about some of our research success stories, undergraduate and graduate student researchers and community outreach activities.

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Miles Turnbull, Ph.D. Vice-Principal Academic

Miles Turnbull, Ph.D.
Vice-Principal Academic, Responsible for Research

BU Research Portal

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Video Tutorial: Submitting an application in the Research Portal
Video tutorial on submitting an application via the Research Portal


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"Our researchers have once again demonstrated that small universities can provide significant contributions to the advancement of knowledge, and Bishop’s is committed to providing them with the support and resources to allow them to pursue this important work."

Research Spotlights

Dr. Daniel Miller, “Augmented Lecturing” and Screencast

For about a decade, Dr. Daniel Miller of the Religion Department has been developing and using a pedagogical method in his classroom that he calls augmented lecturing, which employs a … Continue reading Dr. Daniel Miller, “Augmented Lecturing” and Screencast

Bishop’s Undergraduate Research Highlighted at a Prestigious Conference

Gemma Camara is a third-year Neuroscience student minoring in Environmental studies. At the beginning of the month, she participated in the Neurodegenerative Diseases: Biology and Therapeuthics meeting. This event, organized … Continue reading Bishop’s Undergraduate Research Highlighted at a Prestigious Conference

Dr. Jessica Riddell: A Year of Challenges, Research, Teaching and Knowledge Mobilization… and Critical Hope

“Work smart, not hard” is the motto Dr. Jessica Riddell (English Department) lives by. Indeed, she also works hard, but strives to build alignment across the many positions she holds … Continue reading Dr. Jessica Riddell: A Year of Challenges, Research, Teaching and Knowledge Mobilization… and Critical Hope

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Dr. Jade Savage's research on ticks