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Discover available research projects for which Bishop’s University professors are currently recruiting. This platform connects post-doctoral researchers, master’s, honours, and PhD students with exciting research opportunities at Bishop’s University.

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Research, Graduate Studies and Innovation at Bishop’s University

Bishop’s University is a distinguished institution of liberal education that embraces and nurtures research and creative activity across all levels. Our commitment to fostering a research culture is exemplified by the fact that over 50% of our research personnel are undergraduate students. This unique opportunity allows them to gain hands-on experience in laboratories, archives, and fieldwork. Our faculty members are not only dedicated educators but also active researchers and artistic scholars. They contribute to their respective fields and actively engage in knowledge mobilization efforts, ensuring that research advancements and creative endeavors are directly communicated to the scientific community. To explore the remarkable research accomplishments at Bishop’s University, we encourage you to visit our Research Spotlights section on this web page. There, you will find inspiring stories of the research success and firsthand accounts of their experiences. We welcome you to join our vibrant research community and discover the transformative power of research and creative exploration at Bishop’s University.

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