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Bishop’s Builds Capacities for Excellence

At Bishop’s, we are small and yet mighty in our aspirations “to be the institution of choice for outstanding young people seeking academic excellence and a comprehensive undergraduate experience” (excerpted from our institutional mission).

We believe that student learning is enhanced when faculty have the resources and support to build their capacities for scholarly teaching, pedagogical research, and educational leadership.

The TLC is guided by some of the following principles:

  • Teaching excellence is strengthened by disciplinary-specific pedagogy: we encourage faculty to deploy their disciplinary expertise in the classroom and in their research on undergraduate teaching
  • The undergraduate classroom is a crucial site for producing new knowledges: we support approaches that engage students and enhance faculty-student interactions (e.g. active learning, authentic learning, problem-based learning, etc.)
  • Disciplinary research and scholarly teaching are mutually enriching: we help faculty develop research projects related to teaching and learning
  • Teaching and research in Higher Education are both strengthened by an approach that is community-oriented, grassroots, collaborative, and interdisciplinary

We celebrate undergraduate teaching and find ways to foster a liberal education informed by current research in the field of teaching and learning. In establishing a Teaching and Learning Center Initiative in 2011 (and becoming a formal Senate Committee in 2015), we sought to formalize support around inspired and innovative pedagogy within the classroom and beyond, in research, scholarship, and creative activity.

The TLC contributes to the vibrant culture of teaching, research, and educational leadership at Bishop’s University. We work closely with campus partners across the university to build capacities and integrate a rigorous, evidence-based approach to scholarly teaching and research into the fabric of our institution.