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Sébastien Lebel-Grenier

Sébastien Lebel-Grenier

Principal & Vice-Chancellor


Principal’s Welcome

In 1843, the founders of Bishop’s University declared their goal: “to offer the country a sound and liberal education.”

A liberal education is an educational philosophy that exposes students to a wide variety of disciplines and learning strategies. It includes in-depth studies in at least one specific academic area, with the ability to integrate other diverse areas.

Here you can combine various disciplines such as biology with fine arts, or economics with religion, or business with psychology, or whatever your interests may be. This style of education encourages you to ask questions, consider all angles, pursue knowledge and gain confidence.

Bishop’s is an institution of choice for outstanding young people seeking academic excellence and a comprehensive university experience.

In deciding to pursue your course of studies at Bishop’s, you will have a homebase that is defined by a true sense of belonging and inclusion. At Bishop’s, you will be treated as an important and unique member of the community.

We strive to foster an environment that embraces diversity and respect, instills confidence, courage and a sense of responsibility as well as personal and intellectual autonomy. Our values, student-centred, community focused, excellence and sustainability, are embedded in all that we do.

Bishop’s is also about a journey of self-discovery where you are encouraged to explore diverse fields of knowledge and benefit from real-life applications through experiential and other learning opportunities. It is a place where you are encouraged to get involved in our numerous extracurricular, community, sports and varsity opportunities.

We pride ourselves on our outstanding and accessible faculty and staff members who are dedicated to helping you achieve your fullest academic and personal potential. Do not hesitate to reach out to anyone of us should you need help or assistance.

Bishop’s graduates demonstrate an exceptional connection to their community. For so many of them, their years at Bishop’s were the most formative, the starting point of lifelong friendships, and the opportunity that allowed them to develop their passions, potential and sense of purpose. I sincerely hope that your time at Bishop’s can also be a transformative experience.

I look forward to seeing you on campus.

Sébastien Lebel-Grenier
Principal & Vice-Chancellor

Principal’s Key Initiatives

Bishop’s Forum 

Bishop’s Forum is a week-long, no-cost event aimed at English-speaking youth aged 18-26. It focuses on the themes of citizenship, community involvement, philanthropy, the environment, the political system, the media, entrepreneurship, the social economy, and parliamentary committees. It falls within the scope of the key objective of The 2030 Québec Youth Policy focusing on citizenship to encourage a commitment by young people to culture, the community and society. 

B.E.S.T Fund 

The B.E.S.T. Project Fund is the premiere experiential learning opportunity at Bishop’s. 

This unique fund is intended to assist students in determining their career paths and realizing their ambitions. 

The funds are awarded to students whom the Selection Committee believes have the potential for significant achievement and impact once they graduate from Bishop’s. 

Donald Lecture Series 

The Donald Lecture Series brings speakers of national and international renown to the Bishop’s campus to provide insight, provoke thought, and stimulate debate on the most compelling issues and events in the world today. All lectures are free of charge and open to the public.