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Deadline for payment of fees:

All students registering at Bishop’s University are required to pay their school fees each semester before the deadline dates listed below:

  • Winter: January 31
  • Spring/Summer: May 31
  • Fall: September 30

The following are the tuition and fees structure for the 2023-24 academic year:

Canadian Fees

1 credit30 credits*Compulsory FeesTotal:
Quebec resident$96.03$2,880.90$1,731.33$4,612.23
Out-of Province and French Citizens & Belgian Francophone$299.73$8,991.90$1,731.33$10,723.23
Canadian fees

International Fees1 – Undergraduate

1 credit30 credits*Compulsory FeesTotal:
Business (2016 & earlier)$828.88$24,866.40$1,731.33$26,597.73
Business cohort 2017$700.00$21,000.00$1,731.33$22,731.33
Business cohort 2018$750.00$22,500.00$1,731.33$24,231.33
Business cohort 2019$808.33$24,250.00$1,731.33$25,981.33
Cohort 2020 – All disciplines$816.67$24,500.00$1,731.33$26,231.33
Cohort 2021 – All disciplines$848.52$25,455.50$1,731.33$27,186.83
Cohort 2022 – All disciplines$873.98$26,219.40$1,731.33$27,950.73
Cohort 2023 – All disciplines$900.20$27,005.98$1,731.33$28,737.31
Science, Mathematics, Computer Science, Drama, Music, Fine Arts (2019 & earlier)$741.73$22,251.90$1,731.33$23,983.23
Other disciplines (2019 & earlier)$664.07$19,922.10$1,731.33$21,653.43
International fees for undergraduates

International Fees1 – Graduates

1 credit30 credits*Compulsory FeesTotal:
Course-based graduate program (2019 & earlier)$664.07$19,922.10$1,731.33$21,653.43
Course-based graduate program (Cohort 2020)$816.67$24,500.00$1,731.33$26,231.33
Course-based graduate program (Cohort 2021)$848.52$25,455.50$1,731.33$27,186.83
Course-based graduate program  (Cohort 2022)$873.98$26,219.40$1,731.33$27,950.73
Course-based graduate program  (Cohort 2023)$900.20$27,005.98$1,731.33$28,737.31
Thesis-based graduate program$657.60$19,728.00$1,731.33$21,459.33
International fees for graduates

Tuition fees are the same for online or in-person courses.

Total Fee Estimate

Quebec ResidentsOther Canadian and French CitizensInternational Citizen
Compulsory Fees3$1,731.33$1,731.33$1,731.33
Books & Supplies$1,400.00$1,400.00$1,400.00
Estimated Total4$16,734.00$22,845.00$40,859.00
Total Fee Estimate

* A typical course is worth 3 credits and most students take 5 courses per semester for a total of 30 credits over one academic year (September to April). Bishop’s also offers a condensed Spring session (May and June).

[1] Health insurance fees are billed for international students per semester: $396 in Fall, $315 in Winter ($469 for new students in Winter and $290 during summer for the students who start in Spring). International students not living in Canada for the semester can sign a waiver letter to request the removal of the international insurance fee (certain conditions apply).

[2] Master Science students on thesis-based are billed 9 credits every semester for 5 semesters. These 9 credits have to be from the Master Science Program. Any course taken other than a course that belongs to the program will be billed apart.

[3] The Sports Centre fee ($50.24 per semester, included in the compulsory fees) won’t be charged to students taking all their courses online.

[4] Please note that these fees are estimated based on actual costs for the 2023-24 academic year. Costs may fluctuate based on the academic program, number of courses taken, style of residence and meal plan chosen. All costs are shown in Canadian dollars (CAD).

See also the Tuition Fees section of the Academic Calendar.

Procedures for payment of school fees

Once you have completed the online registration process, you will be able to view the total amount due for your first semester tuition and compulsory fees:

  1. Visit Self-Service in myBU;
  2. Click on the Finances tab;
  3. Click on Balance.

Only courses that are registered on your file will be billed automatically. Courses that are pending or on the waitlist will not be billed to your account.


Students born in Quebec are automatically placed in the Quebec tuition category, Quebec birth certificate required. If you are eligible for Quebec tuition and were not born in Quebec you will be required to provide supporting documents within the semester you are eligible.  Please see the Quebec Residency page to determine the documents required.

Contact jamie.berwick@ubishops.ca if you have questions.

It is very important that you look at the details of your statement when you register as it will show if you are being charged out of province fees or international fees.

If you are being billed international fees and you are Canadian, it means we are missing your Canadian birth certificate or proof of citizenship. This will need your attention right away.

Income tax receipts are available on the student portal myBU uunder the Financial tab. Any form request through the business office is subject to a $5 charge.

Student refunds can be requested via myBU.