Welcome to Janyne Hodder Hall!

Janyne Hodder (other than being a past principal of Bishop’s), is the newest addition to our on campus living options. Opened in 2023, this new residence is modeled after our bog style residences with a few modifications. 

Each unit houses two students with their own private room with large windows.

Each unit shares an entrance to their bog where their bathrooms, an entrance closet, and a small storage area. 

The unit is fully furnished, and with dining and all utilities included there are no extra bills!

Common spaces include a zen lounge, yoga/meditation room, gathering rooms, study spaces, game/multimedia room, pool room and more!!

The building is accessible with units designed with additional needs, and security features include keycard access to buildings and rooms.

Floor Plans

Typical Unit

Accessible Unit

Resident Assistants and Coordinators

There is a team of peers living in your building that are there to make your experience living on campus exceptional. 

They are there to support in a multitude of ways; from administering first aid to planning community building activities, to providing a safe and confidential space. They are there for you!