Welcome to Paterson!

Paterson is home to the Residence and Conference Services office. It is very different from any other residence hall on campus because it is the only building to offer suite-style accommodation. 

Each suite has four individual bedrooms, and suitemates share the use of a common area, kitchen, and two bathrooms.

Paterson in Photos

Common Space

Paterson Single and Double Bed Rooms

Paterson Floor plans

Suite Style Plans

Floor Plans

  • Ground Floor 
  • Second Floor (updated floor plan coming soon…)
  • Third Floor (updated floor plan coming soon…)
  • Fourth Floor

Resident Assistants and Coordinators

There is a team of peers living in your building that are there to make your experience living on campus exceptional. 

They are there to support in a multitude of ways; from administering first aid to planning community building activities, to providing a safe and confidential space. They are there for you!