National Week of Truth and Reconciliation

A week of raising awareness about the history of residential schools and its ongoing impacts. The major date for this week is Orange Shirt Day which is on September 30th and is typically accompanied by a walk to raise awareness and remembrance.

Truth & Reconciliation — PRESE

NCTR – National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation

Annual Vigils for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, Girls and Two-Spirited Individuals

(October 4th and February 14th) 

Typically, a silent vigil is held to remember and to raise awareness about the disproportionate number of Indigenous women, girls, and two spirited who go missing or are murdered.

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Have a Heart Day

(February 14th) 

Have a Heart Day is a day we ask people to have a heart towards Indigenous children. To give them the same opportunities of growing up like any other kid without having to worry about their food security, home, education, etc. This day is used to raise awareness but also take individual actions by writing an action that you would want to the government to take to better the lives of Indigenous children.

Have a Heart Day | The Caring Society

Moose Hide Campaign


The Moose Hide Campaign encourages men and boys to stand up against violence towards women, children, and two-spirited individuals. It’s a day to hold each other accountable and to spread positive masculinity in our community.

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