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Residence Life is not just living in a dorm – it’s residence life and there’s more to life than just where you’re sleeping. We’re a program committed to ensuring your time spent on-campus is dynamic, educational, hilarious and inclusive. The events that occur throughout the year are intended to engage you and fulfill you no matter where your interests lie. But how can we know all of your niche interests without your participation? We can’t! Every cohort passing through our school shapes Bishop’s in some beautiful and powerful way – join a Residence committee and start influencing us through your uniqueness- now! Create the kind of school and community that you are proud to attend and live in. All we ask is some of your time!

Campus Dining Committee:

Food and nutrition is hugely important to our daily functioning. As a student, getting the right nutrition that nourishes your brain and your body can be the be-all-end-all for a successful time at university. Bishop’s Residence Life knows that and wants to make your dining experience on campus as comfortable and fulfilling as possible. That’s why we offer you the Campus Dining Committee. Take the opportunity to speak up about what you love and what you think needs improvement. Sodexo Staff and the Director of Residence, Food and Conference Services sit on this committee to ensure total synergy and efficiency in bettering the dining experience on campus.

Residence Events Committee (REC):

This is where your imagination can really get firing. Residence Events Committee (REC) has one concern and one concern only: to make sure awesome events happen all year-’round. Remember your high school prom committee? REC laughs in its face! Move aside, prom committee, and get ready to meet the organization that brought you The Gait Gatsby, Foresta Lumina, Quebec City trips, Montreal trips, Pumpkin Carving Competitions, and much, much more. Think you can top these? Then we suggest you sign up right away and help us make this year of REC events the best one yet!

Residence Education (RED):

We can’t forget that without education and academics, Residence Life wouldn’t even exist! That’s why we’ve brought you the Residence Education Committee. This is your opportunity to take all of the amazing things you’re learning in your classes and share them with the rest of your community! Make your environment a better one by educating the people around you. We’ve done awareness programs about Sexual Health, Consent, Alcohol and Drug Consumption, Body Love and Self-Care- what do you want to learn about? What do you research when you’re avoiding your homework? Join our committee and dip your foot in the pool of higher learning! Teach us and we’ll teach you!

Residence Committee Sign Up Form