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In 2012, the Indigenous Cultural Alliance (ICA) at Bishop’s University was created by students Curran Jacobs (Mohawk), Nicole Maracle (Mohawk), and Jordan Larochelle (Metis).

Today, the ICA is a student-led club whose overall goal is to bring awareness of the Indigenous community on campus and to create a safe space for learning between Indigenous and non-Indigenous students. The ICA functions as a network & platform to facilitate culture and knowledge sharing at BU and Champlain College.

The ICA is club that is not only for Indigenous students, but non-Indigenous students are also encouraged to become a part of the club. If you are looking to be a part of the ICA, you can sign up on club day, find out and contact the leads of the club, visit ISSC or reach us on our social media platforms (Facebook and/or Instagram). Our social media platforms are also a great resource to find out if there are any events/activities happening and that you should be informed about.

The links for the ICA social media platforms:

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