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Japan Summer Program – May 2024

The objective of the Japan Summer Program (2022-2024) is to offer an enriching experience that facilitates intercultural learning and effectiveness, as well as cultural self-understanding by bringing Indigenous and non-Indigenous Japanese and Canadian students together in a variety of activities and spaces. From in-class learning to site visits that foster deeper understanding, participants will develop their capacity to understand other worldviews and contribute to a sustainable, globalized world.  This experience is meant to be a reflective and profound personal and academic journey; it is for anyone who seeks to engage insightfully and impactfully with the world.

Participants will be spending approximately three weeks between two cities/regions (Hokkaido and/or Kyoto/Tokyo), using an Indigenous Wholistic Framework (anchored in respect, responsibility, relevance and reciprocity) to engage with their environment, develop meaningful personal and professional connections, and learn culturally astute ways of thinking, being and communicating with the world.

Belize Summer Program – May 2023, May 2024

Member institutions of the Maple League of Universities have received a Global Skills Opportunity grant to develop and launch a program for Indigenous students to participate in an international experience together. The program is called “Nation to Nation: Building Indigenous Knowledge Across International Borders”.

In May 2024, students will attend Galen University to have an immersive two-week experience that combines in-class teaching, field trips, community engagement, and group and individual reflection. Students will receive academic credit for their experience. The group will travel to multiple locations around Belize to learn about the Yucatec, Mopan, Garinagu and K’eckchi cultures of Belize. Guest speakers and visits to cultural sites will form the basis of this immersive learning journey.

Or come and talk to us to find out how you can join this amazing experience.