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Indigenous Study Opportunities

Housed in the department of History, this interdisciplinary minor allows students to explore the world from the perspective of the Indigenous peoples of various countries and continents and from within various disciplines. The Indigenous Studies Minor is designed to introduce students, through an interdisciplinary approach, to the global processes of cultural encounters and the resultant responses of resistance, accommodation, and adaptation. Students will be exposed to theories and world-wide applications of, and responses to, imperialism and colonialism, as well as decolonization and post-colonialism.

Courses that make up the minor come from history, sociology, environmental studies and geography, religious studies and political studies. The minor includes courses on North America, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. This minor may be complementary to a degree in International Studies.

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Abenaki Language Course

Abenaki Language and Culture courses (ABE 101 + 102) introduce the basic elements of the Abenaki language and culture. Emphasis will be on basic grammatical structures and vocabulary, listening comprehension and pronunciation. Key features of Abenaki culture will be examined, such as oral tradition, historical and cultural context.

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