Medical Insurance

Health Services wants to emphasize the importance of having your Medicare card with you when you come to the clinic. Quebec students who do not have their cards or who present cards that have expired will be required to pay the full cost of services immediately.

Canadian students from another province are fully covered by their provincial medicare plans provided they:

  1. Inform the Ministry of Health in their home province that they are studying in Quebec before they leave home;
  2. Have their Provincial Medicare card with them when they come to see the doctor. If their card is unavailable or has expired, the full cost of services must be paid immediately.
  3. Are full-time students.

Health Insurance is mandatory for all International and Exchange Students. Quebec Government regulations require all International and Exchange Students to purchase the Health Insurance Plan to study at Bishop’s University. Bishop’s University will not accept any other health insurance policies.

See the Health Insurance page of the International Students section for details and form.

Accident Insurance

Bishop’s University provides Group Accident Insurance coverage to all its registered students.

This group plan is offered to you and administered through Industrial Alliance Insurance and Financial Services.

The plan provides students with protection in case of an accident while on University grounds and when you are travelling between your home and the University. The policy provides for the payment of benefits and the partial reimbursement of certain fees if you suffer an accident. This is a primarily supplemental plan and does not provide adequate travel or medical insurance coverage.

Depending on your student status, please select either “Undergraduate insurance certificate – with coverage for elite sports activities” or “Graduate and post graduate insurance certificate – with coverage for elite sports activities”.

All properly completed claims must be submitted within 90 days of the date of the accident.

For additional information about filing a claim, please contact Industrial Alliance Insurance and Financial Services Client Service at 418-684-5332 or toll free at 1-888-715-5232.

Claim forms are also available from the Bishop’s University Security Department.