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Medical documentation will be forwarded to professors and/or deans for exams missed due to illness or to request assignment deadline extensions in the following circumstances:

  1. You are presently ill and the examining nurse or doctor determines that a note is justified. If you are missing an exam due to illness, you must be seen before the exam.
  2. We have treated you in the past for an ongoing health concern which is preventing you from writing an exam/assignment. (You must be seen on the day of your test/mid-term/exam).

Please note that if the Health Services staff is not able to substantiate an illness, you will need to speak to your professor or dean directly to discuss your options.

If you are seen at an off-campus clinic, hospital, or family doctor for an illness, medical documentation must be obtained from them and presented to your professor if required.

The decision to grant an exam deferral or an extension of an assignment due date is an academic one. Health Services staff can only verify an illness and make a recommendation.