Sensitive Crimes

If you are the victim of a sensitive crime, ie. rape or sexual assault, it is important that you immediately notify Security (for the reasons listed below), regardless of whether you wish to pursue the matter further:

  • If the assailant is allowed to remain at large, he is a potential danger not only to you but also to the other members of the community.
  • Security can assist you in obtaining medical, counselling, and other available supportive services.

It should be emphasized that all information that you provide will be kept strictly confidential and it will be your choice whether or not to pursue the matter further. You should remember that Campus Security will do everything possible to assist you. You are also encouraged to contact the Sexual Violence Response Advisors.

Although acts of sexual perversion such as voyeurism and exhibitionism are not classified as sensitive crimes, they should be immediately reported to Campus Security. Verbal threats or encounters should be similarly reported.

Further information on this subject is available at the Campus Health Clinic, on the Sexual Violence Support Centre website, as well as from the Counselling Office.

Missing Persons

If you suspect a person is missing, the following are actions that you can take.

Immediately contact Campus Security 819-822-9711 (or ext. 711 from any campus phone), to report the person missing. Campus Security will help you contact police, and file an official missing persons report.

When you file a missing persons report, Security will ask you a number of questions. It would be helpful if you had the following information. Do not worry; you need not delay contacting Security should your information be incomplete.

a) Basic information about the Missing Person:

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Birthplace
  • Nicknames, if any
  • Current and previous addresses. Who else lived there?
  • Current and former employers.

b) Physical description of the Missing Person:

  • Height
  • Weight
  • Age
  • Build
  • Hair colour / length of hair
  • Eye colour?
  • Any Distinguishing Marks – such as tattoos, birthmarks, scars, etc.
  • Beard/Moustache/Sideburns
  • Find the most recent photo of the missing person
Lost and Found

The Security Office serves as the central clearing place for lost and found items. Throughout the year Campus Security receives found items including watches, eyeglasses, clothing and books etc.

All found property is normally recorded and kept for at least six months.

If you find or lose something, call ext. 711 or visit the Security Office, located in the Dewhurst Annex.

See also the Sexual Violence Support Centre website.