All services are 30 minute meetings

We are proud to operate within a curricular framework where we support learning outside the classroom in intentional and meaningful ways. Our Career Advisors have the training, language, and tools necessary to be co-creators of the Curricular Approach.

Resume / CV Review

Develop or refine a compelling and tailored resume or CV that effectively highlights your education, experience, and accomplishments. Please send a draft of your current resume/CV ahead of time, if possible, or bring it to your appointment.

Cover Letter Review

Enhance your job application with a polished cover letter that effectively showcases your skills and experiences in a focused session. Please send the specific job posting(s) and any draft cover letter(s) ahead of time, if possible, or bring them to your meeting.

Job Search Support

Navigate the job market with tailored strategies to discover and secure opportunities that align with your goals. Please have in mind several potential jobs or fields of work you might be interested in.

Career Exploration

Assess your interests, strengths, and values to identify potential career paths and make informed decisions in a focused meeting. Have in mind some general fields where we can target our search.

LinkedIn Support

Optimize your LinkedIn profile to expand your network, boost your online presence, and connect with opportunities. Please have an active LinkedIn account created so we can focus on profile content and tips.

Interview Preparation

Gain confidence and master interview techniques to effectively communicate your skills and qualifications to potential employers in a focused session. If you would like a mock interview, please send us a link to (or the text of) the job posting you are considering ahead of time.

Grad School Support

Receive guidance on program selection, application requirements, and strategies to succeed in your pursuit of higher education. If you have a draft of your academic CV or letter of intent, please send that to us ahead of time.

Volunteer and Co-Curricular Exploration

Explore meaningful extracurricular activities and volunteer experiences to enrich your personal and professional development in a focused session. Please navigate to the (LEAP) page from the left-side menu if you would like more information prior to our meeting.


How does it work?
SuccessFinder focuses on assessing and understanding personality traits, strengths, and areas for development. The tool is based on collected data from high performers and the traits that they share. These unique behaviours are strong indicators of success in specific areas of life. By assessing behavioural traits, SuccessFinder helps to provide a highly accurate assessment of which areas clients will find success and happiness. The assessment is online and takes 30-90 minutes to complete.

How can it help?
SuccessFinder provides students with an opportunity to develop a deeper self-awareness that will help to guide career decisions. Results from the assessment will allow students to reflect on 5 areas: Lifestyle Priorities, Vocational Incentives, Competencies, Job Family Matches and the Ladder of Leadership. We highly recommend that you have a 1-hour debrief with one of our Career & Employment advisors to get the most of the results.

How do I register?
The cost to take the SuccessFinder assessment is $75.00 (or contact us to find out about subsidy options). Sign-up and pay using our online payment form, and someone from CATS will be in touch with you shortly.

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