The Co-op Office is pleased to offer a variety of services. They include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Custom workshops to meet the specific needs of the group.
  • Biztec, an annual meet-and-greet event where you can connect with prospective employers from diverse industries. It’s a great opportunity to make valuable connections and learn about exciting career prospects.
  • Presentations by industry professionals.
  • Coffee chats with your colleagues (more networking opportunities).
  • Job Search Strategies.
  • Review sessions such as:
    • CO-OP CV Review
    • CO-OP Cover-Letter Review
    • Mock Interviews

Work Term Sequence

The charts below indicate the usual sequence for Bishop’s University Co-op students; however, work terms and academic terms may be completed during any semester with consent from the Co-op Office.

To Graduate with Co-op Designation:

Graphic showing the progression to graduate with Co-op designation.
First row: 24-54 advanced credits > BMG 191 >Co-op placement 1 > Co-op placement 2 > Co-op designation!
Second row: 0-23 advanced credits > BMG 191 >Co-op placement 1 > Co-op placement 2 > Co-op placement 3 > Co-op designation!



The duration of most work terms typically spans 12 to 16 weeks, with a minimum requirement of 420 total hours. Alternatively, work terms that consist of 15-20 hours per week are also accepted, provided the overall minimum of 420 hours is met.

All internships must:

  • Be remunerated.
  • Be in your field of study and build upon your previous experience and push you further, even when staying within the same company.
  • Not be supervised by a family member.

Once an offer has been made, this is sent to the Co-op Coordinator for approval by the Dean of the Williams School of Business. It is then forwarded to the Records Office for registration in BMG or CS 391, 392 or 393. Course fees apply.

All forms and work required for this course will be found on the Co-op Moodle.

Job Search

Co-op students find work placements in one of the three following ways:

Personal Job Search

In addition to applying for job postings through the Co-op Office, all students are encouraged to also conduct a personal job search. Personal job searches encourage you to be resourceful and use your personal networks. The job search process is one that has very important implications for your future career, so now is the time to start practicing! Don’t worry, the Co-op Office will be there to support you and give you tips along the way!

Entrepreneurial Work Term

An entrepreneurial work term may be developed by the student. In this case, the student starts his/her own business. Probably the most complex placement, evaluation is based on the success of launching and maintaining the business for the duration of the work placement. The student will be responsible for finding a mentor in their particular field and will receive additional support from the Co-op Office.

International Work Terms

There are many exciting opportunities for Co-op students, including the opportunity to work abroad. If you do not possess a passport or your home country does not have an agreement with your desired work destination, you should speak to the Co-op Advisor as soon as possible in order to prepare all relevant paperwork.

The best place to find up-to-date information about getting a work permit or visa (which one to get and how long the process takes) is to go straight to the source which is the local Embassy, or that country’s Consulate.

Project Visa is a great resource to find the nearest Embassy of the country you are interested in.