Application Package for Co-operative Education

Application Package for Co-operative Education

Thank you for your interest in joining the Co-op Program at Bishop’s. The application package and its questions are designed to get to know you better and get a better feel for your intentions as a co-op student. Although grades are important and the 70% average will be required, the quality of your answers will be weighted more heavily.

Please be professional and take your time to give well-written, meaningful and thoughtful answers. Your application package must be complete in order for it to be considered, meaning you must answer every question and complete each section. Should you encounter a technological problem with this form, please contact for a solution.

NOTE: A decision will be provided to all students who have applied before the University shut down for the holidays. Please check your Bishop’s email on a regular basis as you will be required to confirm your acceptance. Furthermore, important information regarding upcoming workshops will also be provided at that time for successful candidates.

Applications are accepted until December 16, 2018 for Business students and Computer Science students.

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Resume (CV) and Cover Letter

Please upload the latest version of your resume (CV) and a Cover letter in one document only. Note that your application will be evaluated, not necessarily on the quality of your work experiences, but on the quality and professionalism of your resume and the cover letter. Please be sure that it is well-formatted, easy to read and has no grammatical errors and in only one document. Students may submit their resumes (CV) and their cover letters in French if they wish. For sample resumes, please see our Resume Writing web page.

Your one page cover letter must include:

  • The reason(s) why you want to be part of the Cooperative Educational Program;
  • The qualities/assets you have to be a successful co-op student;
  • The area(s) where you want to complete your co-op placement (Marketing, Finance, Accounting, Management, Computer Sciences), and where you want to complete it (City, province, Country);
  • Your action plan to be a successful co-op student, which includes the actions you will take to find a co-op placement.

Accepted files: Microsoft Word or PDF (file types: .pdf, .doc, .docx)

Your elevator pitch

It is time to get out of your comfort zone and perfect your elevator pitch! What is an elevator pitch you ask? The premise is that you only have 30 seconds to present yourself to someone, what are you going to say? Please take a 30 second video of yourself performing your best elevator pitch. You will not be evaluated on the quality of the video, but on the content. Feel free to be as creative as you wish though! Students may submit their video in French. Not sure where to start? There are multiple examples and resources on YouTube.

Instructions for sending us your video. Please use one of the following options:

  1. Upload your video to YouTube (requires a YouTube account), then copy & paste your video link in the field below. Link example:
  2. Send us your video via weTransfer. Follow these instructions:
    • Go to
    • Click the share icon at the very bottom and select Link (the default option is Email, you need to change that to Link).
    • Click + Add files and select your video file from your computer.
    • Click the Share button again
    • Click on Transfer. Wait for the transfer to complete. The link will then appear. Click on the link to highlight it and copy. Paste the link in the field below.

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