Why hire a Co-op intern?

Access to Skilled Workers for Short-Term Projects: Co-op interns are skilled individuals who can effectively carry out short-term projects and fulfill temporary needs within your organization. Their expertise and fresh perspectives can bring valuable contributions to your team.

Address Staffing Challenges: Hiring a Co-op intern can be an excellent solution to address staffing challenges, particularly during busy periods or when your organization faces temporary resource gaps. Interns can step in swiftly and make a meaningful impact.

Infusion of New Energy and Perspectives: Interns inject new energy and diverse perspectives into your organization. Their fresh ideas and innovative approaches can invigorate your team, leading to enhanced creativity and problem-solving.

Cost-Effective Recruitment: Internships provide a cost-effective way to explore potential long-term hires. By recruiting interns, you can evaluate their performance and cultural fit within your organization before committing to a full-time position.

Talent Pipeline for Full-Time Roles: Co-op internships serve as a talent pipeline for potential full-time hires. Having already worked within your organization, interns are familiar with your processes and can seamlessly transition into permanent roles if both parties find the fit mutually beneficial.

In conclusion, hiring Co-op interns offers numerous benefits, from accessing skilled workers for short-term needs to nurturing future talents for long-term success. Embracing internships enriches your organization with fresh perspectives and cost-effective solutions while fostering a culture of continuous growth and development.

Why hire a Co-op intern from Bishop’s University?

Motivated and Dedicated Individuals: Our students are driven by a strong desire to make a positive impact and contribute significantly to the success of your organization. Their enthusiasm and exceptional work ethic set them apart from other candidates, ensuring they bring a remarkable level of commitment to their roles.

Bilingual and Diverse Skill Set: Many of our students possess the valuable advantage of being fluent in both French and English. This bilingual proficiency allows them to effectively communicate and collaborate in diverse settings, making them versatile assets in today’s globalized business landscape. Moreover, several of our students have worked in various regions of the country and abroad, providing them with a diverse skill set and adaptability to different environments.

Multicultural Experiences: The Co-op program at Bishop’s University is enriched by the participation of international students. Through work placements in their home countries, they bring a valuable multicultural element to the program. Embracing this diversity not only fosters cultural awareness but also opens up opportunities for cross-cultural collaboration and understanding.

By hiring a Co-op intern from Bishop’s University, your organization gains access to a pool of talented, motivated, and diverse individuals who are eager to contribute their skills and knowledge to help take your organization to new heights.

How to hire an intern

Our Co-op program wants the job-hunting process to mimic real life and therefore it is the student’s responsibility to find an employer to hire them.

To post a job opportunity, simply follow these steps:

Email your job description to coop@ubishops.ca. Your job descriptions should include the following:

  • The name and general description of your company or organization.
  • The job title and a brief outline of the duties/responsibilities (Include skills, abilities and qualifications required).
  • Include any other aspects or eligibility criteria which are considered to be important to the job (i.e. travel, languages, Canadian citizen, certifications, etc…).
  • Program(s) and/or level(s) from which you wish to hire.
  • Location of where the placement will take place.
  • Duration of work term (usually 12-16 weeks, but 420 hours minimum).
  • Intended start and end dates (if available).
  • Typical hours in a work week.
  • Estimated salary or salary range (Can be on an hourly, weekly or bi-weekly basis).
  • Deadline to apply for the position.
  • Contact person and information.
  • Any special requirements for submitting an application (ie, students must apply through your online portal).

Once received, the position will be posted on our Co-op Moodle platform, exclusively visible to registered co-op students. Upon selection of a Bishop’s University Co-op candidate (please ensure it aligns with the student’s field of study), the job offer is made to the prospective intern in writing. If the offer is accepted by the intern, it will be sent to the Dean of the Williams School of Business for final approval.