Bishop’s University Co-operative Education is pleased to welcome all international students to the program! We are certain that your decision to study and work in Canada will present you with an extraordinary learning experience. As an international student, there are several important steps that you should be aware of and they are outlined in detail below. You should contact the Co-op Office if you have additional questions or concerns.

Working on Campus

Any international student is eligible to work on campus provided that they have a valid Canadian Social Insurance Number. Please see the section below for details on how to apply.

Social Insurance Number (SIN)

If you are a Canadian citizen, a newcomer to Canada or a temporary resident, you need a Social Insurance Number (SIN) to work in Canada or to receive benefits and services from government programs.

Step 1: In order to apply for a SIN, you will need to prepare several documents:

  • Your primary document
    A primary document is an official document that proves your identity and status in Canada. We need to see an original of your primary document. If the name on this document is different from the name you currently use, you will also need to provide a supporting document.
  • Your study permit issued by CIC
  • Your employment contract
    This contract must show the start and end date of employment and these dates must fall within the study permit dates.

Step 2: Take your documents to the nearest Service Canada Centre. If your application and documents are in order, you will get a Social Insurance Number in one visit and receive your card within 10 business days.

The Service Canada Centre is located at:
50, Place de la Cité
Sherbrooke, Québec
J1H 1R2

Co-op Work Visa

In order to be eligible to work off campus, international students must apply for a Co-op Work Visa.

Who can apply?

To be eligible for a work permit, you must meet the following conditions:

  • You must have a valid study permit.
  • Your intended employment must be an essential part of your program of study in Canada.
  • Your employment must be part of your academic program, certified by a letter from a responsible academic official of the institution.
  • Your Co-op or internship employment cannot form more than 50 percent of the total program of study.

How to Apply?

Step 1: Obtain an application package.
The package includes the application guide and all the forms you need to fill out. Download and print the application package.

Step 2: Read the guide.
Read the guide carefully before you complete the application form. Photocopy the blank forms and use one as a working copy. Keep the working copy for your records.

Step 3: Ask the Co-op Coordinator to prepare a letter attesting to your participation in the Co-op program.

Step 4: Complete the application form and attach the necessary documents.
The application form contains instructions. Read those instructions and be sure to provide the required documents. If information or documents are missing, your application may be delayed. The Document Checklist in the application kit will tell you what documents to include.

Answer all questions carefully, completely and truthfully. Answers can be typed or handwritten (print clearly in black ink). Incomplete applications will not be processed but will be returned to you. This will delay the application process.

There is no processing fee for this work permit.

Step 5: Mail the application form and documents.
The application kit contains the mailing address where you must send your application.