Who can apply?

Business Administration programs

  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Management
  • Business technology and Analytics
  • Human Resources

B.A. Business Major

Computer Science

Information Technology

You must have completed the 1-credit lab, BMG 191 – Fundamentals of Workplace Preparation and Professional Development, in the fall semester in order to register in one of the co-op placement courses for the spring/summer semesters.

For all Business students:
BMG 391 (Co-operative Education Placement 1)
BMG 392 (Co-operative Education Placement 2)
BMG 393 (Co-operative Education Placement 3)

For Computer Science and Information Technology students:
CSC 391 (Co-operative Education Placement 1)
CSC 392 (Co-operative Education Placement 2)
CSC 393 (Co-operative Education Placement 3)

Registration for summer work terms will open at the same time as registration for the spring semester. Students will need to register for one of the above courses online by the established deadlines of the university.


Co-op placement courses at Bishop’s University are 3-credit courses. As such, co-op students are subject to the current tuition rates of the University at the time of course registration.

Please visit the Tuition and Fees section of the Bishop’s website for the most current tuition rates as well as important deadlines.

Placements BMG 391, 392 and 393 will be considered as Business electives and will count towards the 120-credit business programs. For students completing a B.A. Business Major, these activities will only be recognized in the “Business or non-Business electives (18 credits)” component of the program. As for placements CS 391, 392 and 393, count towards the Computer Science or the B.A.I.T. programs as electives. These co-op placements will be subject to all Tuition and Compulsory fees for a 3-credit course. (See Academic Calendar for amounts that apply to your student status).

Important Note:
All tuition, fees and outstanding balances on your student account must be paid BEFORE the start of your work term.