Co-op FAQ for Current Students

Do I need to maintain a particular average in order to remain in the Co-op program? Are there other requirements?

Yes.  You need a minimum average of 70%.  If your average drops below the minimum required to stay in the Co-op program, you have one semester to bring your average back up before you will be asked to withdraw from the program. You also need to remain a full time student as well as to stay in the academic programs with a Co-op program.

If my application was declined because of my average, will I have another chance to get into the Co-op program?

Yes, once your average has been brought up to the required 70%.

Will my application be declined because I’m missing the prerequisite course BMG 191?

If you meet all other requirements, you will be given provisional acceptance into the Co-op program pending completion of this lab course.

Where can I do a work term in my field?

Your work terms can be at private businesses, educational institutions, non-profit organizations, Crown corporations, federal, provincial and municipal governments as well as high-tech companies. In addition, depending on your preference, you may complete your work term locally, nationally or even internationally. If going abroad, leave yourself plenty of time to get all the necessary work permits, required vaccinations, etc.

Will I find employment more easily by completing the Co-op program?

There are good chances.  Here are some interesting statistics to support this:

  1. Completing an internship makes you 85% more likely to obtain employment following graduation. (
  2. Completing an internship can increase your job offers by 16%. (CompareCamp)
  3. 70% of employers offer full-time jobs to successful interns. (Naceweb)
  4. Major tech companies pay their interns well. (GlassDoor)
  5. 70.4% of interns get offered a job after an internship. (NACE)
What happens if I decide to change programs after being admitted to Co-op?

If it is not in one of the programs offering the Co-op option, you will cease to be in the Co-op program.

Do the credits I earn for my Co-op work terms count as part of the credits I earn towards my degree?

Yes indeed! They count as Business or general electives.

Can my internship be counted toward experience required for CPA certification?

Yes it can.

Does the grade I obtain for Co-op work terms affect my overall grade average?

No since it is a P/F mark which is given.

What happens if I decide to change programs once I’ve started Co-op?

Nothing, if your new program is included in those eligible for Co-op however the focus of your future internships will change. If it is in a program not eligible for Co-op, you will no longer be in the program.

Can I withdraw from Co-op at any time?

Yes. Remember that if you withdraw after doing an internship without taking BMG 191, your grade will be changed to a (F) fail.

Can I take any courses during a work term?

Yes, as long as you feel capable of handling the work load.

Do I have to remain registered full time if I’m in Co-op?


Are there any additional fees for the Co-op program? If so, what are they?

Other than the regular course fees for BMG 391-393, there are no additional fees.

Can I do placements abroad?


How long are the work terms?

The duration of most work terms typically spans 12 to 16 weeks, with a minimum requirement of 420 total hours. Alternatively, work terms that consist of 15-20 hours per week are also accepted, provided the overall minimum of 420 hours is met.

How do I find a placement?

Finding a job placement is your responsibility. Our primary goal is to provide an experience that closely mirrors real-life situations. We do understand that finding a placement can be challenging and the Co-op office will assist and support you throughout your search. Job postings will be placed on the Co-op Moodle and you will be provided with many search avenues such as LinkedIn, tapping into Bishop’s alumni, etc.

Do I have to write work term reports?

Yes. Writing reflections on your work term will help you deepen your understanding of your values and beliefs and therefore, what career path will be the most rewarding for you. The work term report must contain a brief description of the company, your role, a SWOT analysis, and thoughts on how your career path has been reinforced or altered as a direct result of this experience. All details can be found on the Co-op Moodle.

Are international students able to belong in the Co-op program?


If I do not like my current placement, can I find another and combine the two.

Yes, but only if it is approved by the Dean of the Williams School of Business or the Chair of Computer Science.