Your Responsibilities as an Employer

Orientation and Company Introduction:  Start the intern’s journey on the right foot by providing a comprehensive orientation to the job and introducing them to your company’s culture, values, and work environment. This initial step helps them feel welcomed and confident in their role.

Relevant Training and Development: Empower the student by offering relevant training and development opportunities that align with their role and career aspirations. By investing in their growth, you not only enhance their skills but also foster loyalty and commitment to your organization.

Designate a Supervisor:  Assign a dedicated individual to provide consistent supervision and guidance to the intern. This supervisor will be their go-to person for queries, feedback, and support throughout the internship.

Progress Monitoring and Evaluation: Regularly monitor the intern’s progress and provide constructive feedback to ensure they are on the right track. As part of the evaluation process, you will conduct in-person midterm and final assessments using a provided form from the University. This valuable feedback aids the intern’s professional development and helps them excel in their role.

By fulfilling these essential responsibilities, you contribute to the intern’s meaningful learning experience and professional growth. Your guidance and support play a pivotal role in shaping the next generation of leaders in their respective fields.

Code of Ethics

The successful recruitment of Co-operative Education students is a collaborative effort involving three key parties: the employer, the co-op intern, and Bishop’s University. It is imperative that all participants strictly adhere to Provincial and Federal legislation in their recruitment and employment practices, ensuring a fair and legal process.

In support of this commitment, we follow the recruitment ethics outlined by Co-op Education and Work Integrated Learning – Canada (CEWIL). These ethics serve as a guiding framework, promoting a mutually beneficial and equitable process for all parties involved. For additional information on these ethics and to further understand our dedication to fair practices, we encourage you to visit the CEWIL website.

By adhering to these principles and working together, we create a positive and enriching Co-op experience that cultivates the growth and success of our students, fosters productive relationships with employers, and upholds the integrity of the recruitment process. Thank you for joining us in this commitment to excellence.

Employer Ethics

  • Provide accurate job posting information including salary and location.
  • Provide reasonable notice of candidates to be interviewed and of interview cancellations.
  • Respect an institution’s schedule regarding job postings, interview arrangements, job offers, etc., and heed the Co-operative education policies and procedures of an institution.
  • Not discuss job offers or rankings with candidates before, during, or following an interview.
  • Not seek a candidate’s assessment of another candidate.
  • Not make multiple job offers unless prepared to accept multiple candidates.
  • Honour all matches, and not rescind offers of employment.
  • Confirm all job offers in writing.
  • Not translate a Co-op assignment into a full-time position encouraging a student to settle for less education.

Intern Ethics

  • Abide by the Co-op policies of their institution.
  • Ensure that employers have accurate information regarding their qualifications.
  • Notify the employer, well in advance, if interviews must be rescheduled or cancelled.
  • Not discuss or mislead employers about their ranking or job acceptance intentions, and not provide information to employers on other students or employers.
  • Honour their acceptance of employment as a contractual agreement with the employer.

Institution’s Ethics

  • Inform students, employers, and other interested parties of institutional policies and procedures.
  • Provide equal services to all students and employers.
  • Accommodate employers’ reasonable requests for job postings, interview space, and presentation facilities.
  • Provide students with accurate information on all recruiting employers.
  • Notify the employer of any hiring limitations prior to them conducting interviews.
  • Notify employers of any students who, after being hired, are not academically eligible to continue in their program.

For more information, please refer to the Co-operative Education Program’s Code of Conduct (PDF).