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Welcome to the Bishop’s University web page dedicated to our prospective students from the USA. We want you to know that we’re ready to welcome ANY American student interested in pursuing higher education in Canada, and specifically at Bishop’s. We welcome diversity and together we make the Bishop’s community great. Together we #BleedPurple.

The Power of a Canadian Education

We’re open, friendly, diverse, and we offer a world-recognized quality education. We’re affordable and easy to apply to. While we are unique within Canada, our model of institution, a primarily undergraduate liberal education residential university, is one that is common throughout the USA. However, what we offer is something you cannot find south of our border. We are an English-speaking university located within a bilingual (French/English) community, which gives you the opportunity to become completely bilingual during your time here. You will meet students from over 60 countries which make up 17% of our overall campus population. Our American students make up nearly 5% of our overall student body and represent over 20 states. They are students, like you, who are looking for more and want to be part of something great. We encourage you to look at our website, browse our publications and come visit us – we’re much closer than you think! We look forward to welcoming you on our campus and showing you what the power of Purple is all about. #LookNorth

Bishop's campus in summer

One of the questions we receive most is “will my Bishop’s degree be recognize in the USA?” All we can say is 100% – YES! Canada as a whole offers one of the best education systems in the world. Canada invests more in education than any other OECD country in the world, and education here is government-regulated which ensures high standards of quality. Another interesting fact is that over 95% of universities and colleges in Canada are public.

We offer highly flexible degree options; you have the ability to study your passions at a greater level of depth than US colleges. We are diverse, safe, welcoming and we offer opportunities to work while studying, as well as opportunities to stay in Canada to work for up to three years after the completion of your degree.

Academic Programs

To find out more about the quality of a Bishop’s education have a look at our brag page.

Ranked first in student satisfaction by Maclean's          Ranked number one in Canada for supportive environment


Applying to Bishop’s is one of the easiest things you will ever do! For those of you familiar with the Common Application (, Bishop’s is one of four Canadian Universities on the Common App so you can choose us like you would any other institution on there. Or you can apply directly on this website. It should take you no more than thirty minutes to complete – easy and straight forward!

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American Curriculum Admissions Requirements

We are test optional and do not require letters of reference, essays, interviews or letters of intent. For more information on admissions requirements, please see the page Admissions Process for USA High School Students.

Money Matters

One of the biggest differences you will find when looking at Canadian universities is the overall costs associated with going to university. We are extremely affordable. The majority of our universities are public and subsidized by our governments through tax-payer dollars, which means the savings are passed along to our students in the form of lower tuition rates. For the 2016-17 academic year (September to April), the cost to attend Bishop’s including tuition, student fees, on-campus accommodations, meal plan, books & supplies, and medical insurance is approximately $29,000 CDN or $22,000 USD. Top quality education recognized globally at affordable prices.

While Bishop’s does not offer financial aid based on need, we do have an attractive competitive merit-based scholarship program that is open to all students no matter their place of origin.  Students applying for admission prior to March 1st are automatically considered, so there is no need to complete an extra application!

Another thing to know is that Bishop’s is Title IX compliant, meaning that many federal and state loans such as Stafford and Stafford Plus, are portable to our institution.  For more information on US loans and their portability, please contact our Student Accounts Office at: 1-819-822-9600 ext. 2655 or

Study Permits and VISAS

In order to study in Canada, non-Canadian citizens and permanent residents must obtain both the Quebec CAQ and the Canadian Study Permit. This process can take anywhere from 4-8 weeks so we encourage students to apply to Bishop’s by mid-January to make sure there is enough time to process your application and then apply for the necessary study permits. For more information on studying and working in Canada please visit

Open Minds.  Open Hearts.  Open Doors.   Discover Bishop’s University.  #LookNorth

Message from the Principal #NeverAgain

What do our American Students have to say?

I’ve found my place here academically and my residence has become like a family. I’ve also found the USA to Canadian conversion rate to be pretty beneficial for spending money. I made the right choice coming here.Jonas Viles, Saint Johnsbury, VT
I was attracted to Bishop’s because of its strong school spirit and energy around campus. Having so many different cultures in an environment like Bishop’s creates great opportunities to learn about different parts of the world and open up to their culture.Dominic Breton-Veilette, Kents Hill, ME
Bishop’s is the finest and most optimistic school of higher learning I have ever attended. I feel blessed to have attended Bishop’s.Corey Johnson, Scottsboro, AL
I found the best fit.Samuel Marceau, Hebron, ME
Making the decision to leave the States and attend Bishop’s was the best choice I could’ve made. Not only did I feel at home, but the university, the people I met, and the experiences I had there all helped develop me into the person I am today. I am proud to be a part of Bishop’s University’s history, and for it to be a part of mine.Rosemary Moore, Williston, VT
BU attracted me as a US student because it felt like a home away from home. I felt welcomed and part of a close-knit community as soon as I stepped foot on campus. A lot of the time I forget that I’m in a different country because I’ve become so comfortable here due to the friendships that I’ve made with my classmates and professors. BU has given me the opportunity to study abroad, manage athletic clubs, and pursue academic passions like publishing; all while being immersed in a new culture that I identify with more than I ever expected.Olivia Provencher-Hennedy, Biddeford Pool, ME
Coming from the States to Bishop’s was the best decision I’ve ever made. It opened the world to me through the friends I met and classes that pushed me to explore new ways of thinking and interacting.Madeleine Carrese, Jericho, VT