McConnell Student Opportunity Fund

The purpose of the McConnell Student Opportunity Fund is to encourage student-initiated projects that foster undergraduate student innovation, initiative, and self-reliance, by providing students with financial support to pursue practical research and, most particularly, job-related experiences. Funds are intended to nurture the development of new experiences and/or to enhance intellectual and practical skills complementary to those taught in academic programs.

For more information and application deadline, visit the McConnell Student Opportunity Fund page.

Tomlinson Internship Program

The Tomlinson Internship program provides students with experiential learning opportunities related to their academic program, while earning money to offset their educational costs. Each year, the program awards up to $20,000 to support various internship positions on campus. Directors, Managers, Coordinators and Department Chairpersons can submit an application. The call for applications is sent each spring from the Student Affairs Office. Students can then apply to the internship positions.