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Visiting Student / Inter-University Transfer Application Process

Students currently studying at another university who wish to take courses at Bishop’s University and have those credited back to their home institution must make a formal application to the university.

Application Deadline per Semester:

Refer to the General Interest section of the Apply to Bishop’s web page.

Application Procedure

Students applying from other universities in Quebec:

To apply as a visiting student from another Quebec institution, you will need to use the AEHE-IUT form. Your application will be reviewed by your home institution (program advisor, Registrar’s Office), and once it is approved, it will be sent to Bishop’s University Registrar’s Office for review and approval.

Prior to submitting your application, consult the Bishop’s University timetable for an up-to-date list of course offerings in a given semester.

Video Resource:

Students applying from other universities in Canada:

1. Complete the Application form  (refer to the Part-Time General Interest Students information web page)

2. Submit a copy of the Letter of Permission issued by the student’s home university Registrar’s Office showing that the course has been approved for transfer credit (if available).

3. Submit the documents which apply to your situation to the Admissions Office by e-mail (admissions@ubishops.ca):

Citizenship statusPlace of birthRequired document
Canadian citizenCanadaBirth Certificate
Outside CanadaCertificate of Canadian Citizenship
Permanent residentOutside CanadaIMM5292 (permanent resident document) or both sides of the Permanent Resident of Canada card
International studentOutside CanadaStudy period of 6 months or less: passport
Study period of more than 6 months: Student authorization (study permit)
RefugeeOutside CanadaDocument from Immigration Canada
Diplomatic status, special permit from Immigration CanadaOutside CanadaDocument from Immigration Canada

Course Payments

Students applying from other universities in Quebec:

Tuition fees are paid to your home university.

Students applying from other universities in Canada:

Tuition fees will be charged to your student account at Bishop’s University and must be paid directly to Bishop’s:

  • Cheque payable to Bishop’s University with the student ID clearly indicated.
  • Online payment via personal banking using the student ID number as the reference number.

Questions regarding course fee and tuition payments should be directed to the Registrar’s Office – Student Accounts by email: studentaccounts@ubishops.ca.

Course Registration

Students applying from other universities in Quebec:

Shortly after approval of Bishop’s University Registrar’s Office, you will:

  • be registered in the course
  • receive your Bishop’s email
  • receive your Bishop’s student number

Students applying from other universities in Canada:

Upon receipt of all documents, the Registrar’s Office will proceed with reviewing your file. Successful applicants will be registered in the requested course(s).

Students from institutions other than Bishop’s University will receive individual Bishop’s University electronic services (myBU) account information by e-mail after being accepted to the course. Account information may be found on myBU under the financial tab. Statements / invoices are only available electronically.