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Students at a Gaiters sports game.

Discover Bishop’s University – Look North

A short 30-minute drive from the US border with Vermont, we’re no strangers to our neighbors. We’re friendly, diverse, and offer a world-recognized quality education. With Americans making up the largest portion of our students from outside of Canada, we continue to be an attractive choice to study abroad while remaining close to home.

Our liberal education model is like that of many institutions across the U.S., however, our affordable price tag, unique cultural experience, and opportunities to set yourself apart from the crowd make us an optimal choice for Americans. Let us show you why Gaiters and Americans are the perfect combination.

Enthusiastic fans at a sports game.

Stand out, Make a Change, Study in Canada

Employers love to see people who are willing to step outside of their comfort zone! Why not start with where you attend university. Give yourself something to discuss in future job interviews, with your friends, or when your family asks that all too common question of: “how’s school going?”.

Over 85% of B.U. students come from an hour away or more, so most of our students are in the same boat that you are – it’s new for almost everyone!

There are countless benefits of leaving home to study:

  • Newfound confidence
  • New relationships from all over the world
  • A focused study zone that’s free of distractions
  • Sense of adventure
Student enjoying quiet study time on campus.

An Affordable Choice

One of the biggest differences you’ll find when looking at Canadian universities is the overall costs associated with attending. Bishop’s is an affordable option, no doubt in part to a favourable exchange rate from USD to CAD.

Further, most Canadian universities are public and subsidized by our governments, which means the savings are passed along to our students in the form of lower tuition rates. The result is we’re on par, if not less expensive, than in-state costs at many U.S. State schools. With U.S. tuition on the rise, why not pursue top quality education recognized globally at affordable prices.

Students celebrating their graduation.

Life After B.U.

Globally Recognized Degrees

Our degrees are recognized around the world & we have alumni employed in a wide variety of sectors. Canada is globally ranked for offering one of the best education systems. Canada continually invests a great deal of funds into its students thus ensuring high standards of quality.

Work Permits

Bishop’s graduates from the U.S. go on to pursue a myriad of paths after receiving their degree. Some return to the U.S. to jump right into the workforce – with our global alumni network, we have graduates employed in different fields throughout the United States.

For those Americans that decide they love Canada and don’t want to leave, students who graduate from Canadian universities are eligible for our highly flexible 3-year post-graduation work permits.

Graduate Studies

A large portion of B.U. alumni will also go on to graduate studies in both the U.S. and Canada, whether that be studies pertaining to law, medicine, or whichever field they’re interested in furthering their education. You can even stay right here at Bishop’s! Check out some of our graduate programs.

Bishop's purple car

We’re Closer than you Think

We may be in a different country, but chances are, we aren’t far! Our campus is located just north of Vermont, how far are we from you? Check out the driving distances below and discover the region.

Driving Times:

  • Newport, VT USA – 40 Minutes
  • Manchester, NH USA – 3 Hours
  • Boston, MA USA – 4 Hours
  • Portland, ME USA – 4 Hours
  • New York City, NY USA – 6 Hours

Flying Times:

  • Chicago, IL USA – 2.5 Hours
  • Miami, FL USA – 3.5 Hours
  • Houston, TX USA – 4.5 Hours
  • Los Angeles, CA USA – 6 Hours

No French, No problem!

Roughly 50% of all our incoming students arrive on campus not knowing French. Bishop’s is an English-speaking university, and your courses and services are offered in English, so you don’t have to worry about your interactions with faculty and staff or in the wider community.

However, you can choose to practice your French on campus if you want to, since most faculty and staff are bilingual. Or take a course or maybe even a minor in French studies! Plus, you’ll meet students from across Canada and around the world with whom you can practice your French. An English university in a bilingual (English/French) city. The opportunity is all yours!

Students snowboarding during winterfest.

Canadian Myths, Eh?

Let’s dispel some myths, and instead hit you with some facts:

FACT: Canadians love maple syrup. It’s true.

FACT: We have all 4 seasons. Contrary to popular belief it isn’t winter all year long in the great white north. But we sure know how to embrace the snow and take advantage of the this beautiful season. Also, has anyone mentioned… WINTERFEST!!

FACT: Canadian Universities tend to be less expensive. Most of our universities are publicly-funded, making our tuition rates competitive & affordable.

FACT: Dual citizens pay the Canadian tuition rates. You’ll pay the same as any other out-of-province Canadian.

FACT: Canada is continuously voted one of the safest countries to study in for international students.

FACT: Bishop’s is on Common App! We want to take the headache out of the application process.

FINAL FACT: US Students LOVE Bishop’s – Read some of our American Students’ stories below.


Noah Jepson

Looking back at the past few years, I’m amazed at all that Bishop’s has offered me and what I’ve been able to accomplish. It has been the close interaction between students, staff and professors that has led to me trying new things and building my network.

Noah Jepson – Longmont, CO
Zoe Giglio

…something just clicked, and I just felt it was right, even though I’m a five-hour plane ride from home, it felt like a new home for me in the short time that I toured the campus. I know Bishop’s will give me back what I put in which no large university was willing to do for me.

Zoe Giglio – Sebastopol, CA
Jonas Viles

I’ve found my place here academically and my residence has become like a family. I’ve also found the USA to Canadian conversion rate to be very beneficial for spending money. I made the right choice coming to Bishop’s.

Jonas Viles – Saint Johnsbury, VT
Olivia Provencher-Hennedy

B.U. attracted me as a US student because it felt like a home away from home. Bishop’s has given me the opportunity to study abroad, manage athletic clubs, and pursue academic passions like publishing; all while being immersed in a new culture that I identify with more than I ever expected.

Olivia Provencher-Hennedy – Biddeford Pool, ME

Still have questions? Wondering what you’ll need to officially become a Gaiter? Find out about study permits and the admission requirements to come join our close-knit community. Or, if you are seeing purple and ready to take the plunge…