CAPE ExaminationsBishop’s Course EquivalencyCredit
Art & DesignFIS1403
BiologyBIO196/BIL1963 + 1
Business Management Studies (both units completed)Unassigned ELE6
Computer ScienceCS 2013
Economics (one unit completed with Grade I only)ECO3
Economics (two units completed with Grade I only)ECO6
Geography (both units completed)Unassigned ESG6
Geography (one unit completedUnassigned ESG3
Information TechnologyUnassigned ELE3
Physics (Unit 1)PHY193/0833 + 1
Physics (Unit 2)PHY194/0843 + 1
Pure Mathematics (both units completed)MAT191 & MAT192 (non-Business); MAT196 & MAT197 (Business6